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Ricky Boylan Interview

.facebook_-2055855458Ricky Boylan from Carshalton, Surrey, competes for the Southern Area title on the 14th of December at the Excel Arena against fellow local rival, Tony Owen. Ricky is unbeaten in nine fights with three of those ending with knockouts. In his last fight he won the British Masters (bronze) title. We managed to catch up with him today whist in camp making his final preparations. This is what he had to say…..

How did it feel to win your first title in your last fight?

It was no major title but a stepping stone that was needed, I also managed to get eight rounds under my belt and am now ready for the 14th of December.

Would it be fair to say that your upcoming southern area title fight against Tony Owen is your toughest test to date?

There’s no question, Tony Owen is a very good fighter and the best I’ve had to face so far in my career.

Tony is local to yourself also being from Carshalton, do you know him or have you even sparred with him in the past?

We’re good friends and have sparred each other many times, but this is a business and he’s got what I want and need. I’m here to take that Southern Area title from him, but we’ll shake hands before and after and stay friends that’s for sure.

Has your training intensified now your preparing for more rounds, and if so is your body feeling the differences?

We’ve built the rounds up in the gym gradually so I’m feeling good. I’m always in shape, I run marathons and I’m always in the gym keeping fit. I’ve been doing ten and twelve rounds sparring so I know I can do the rounds.

Tony’s a tall and rangy fighter and can be awkward at times, have you had any other boxers come into camp to try and replicate his style?

Here at iGym we have a good team to select from for sparring, for instance Ian Weaver who was an outstanding amateur has been helping with preparations. I’ve just been up in Manchester for a week sparring with Terry Flannagan, who’s unbeaten in twenty two fights. My preparation has gone perfectly, I know every boxer says that but I can honestly say that it has.

Tell us a little about your amateur background?

I had 83 amateur fights, reaching 2 ABA junior finals and twice reached the London ABA finals as a senior. To get through the London divisionals was always highly competitive. I feel I have a good amateur pedigree which will stand me in good stead.

What drew you to turn pro with established coach, Alan Smith?

I felt that Alan’s training style suited me best, but most importantly it was the team spirit that was generated at his camp. I felt this to be really important. Coming from an amateur club like Earlsfield ABC, where all the boys were like a family, then going to the iBox gym where they all supported each other just felt right.

Are you are a full time pro now?

Unfortunately I still work but am lucky that it’s a family business. I’ve just had four weeks off for training.

If a victory comes your way on the 14th of December it will propel you up the British rankings and in the mix as a contender for Darren Hamilton’s British title strap. If that opportunity did arise would you take the fight or defend the southern area?

It all depends what’s on the table and what offers are made. I know that once I beat Tony It’s going to open doors for me. I have my eyes set on this fight for now although the British title is something I’ve always dreamed of winning. Darren Hamilton is a great fighter and very underrated in my opinion.

Another local fighter, Danny Connor, who fights on the same bill against Tyler Goodjohn, presumably would be keen to regain his old title. Would you fight the winner of that contest?

It’s been mentioned that the winner of their fight and mine will fight for the vacant English title.

Where do you visualise yourself in two years time?

This will be my tenth pro fight, I’ve got to keep winning really. This is my first major step up in class and a fight I know I can definitely win, I’ll then see what happens from there. But my dream is to be a British champion.

Where can people contact you for tickets, Ricky?

Everyone is more than welcome to contact me on either my Twitter or Facebook accounts. or!/rboylan1?fref=ts

Otherwise call me on 07585 918345

Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to us Ricky, best of luck for your big fight on the 14th December at the Excel Arena.

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