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Q & A: WBF International Champion Farid Chebabha

Current World Boxing Federation (WBF) International Light Welterweight Champion Farid Chebabha from France entered the paid ranks in January 2006, winning a four-round decision in his hometown of Henin-Beaumont.

By the end of that year he had compiled a mediocre record of 3-2-1, but since then he has gone undefeated in fifteen straight fights and can now boast a 15-2-4 ledger.
This past April Chebabha (29) won the WBF title with a unanimous decision over the tough Michal Dufek from the Czech Republic, and has since scored a non-title fight victory in June to stay busy while waiting for his first title defense.

Farid, its great to get this chance to speak to you a little bit and maybe introduce you to some boxing fans who may not be too familiar with your name. Please start out by telling us a little bit about how you grew up?
Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Well, I grew up in Algeria before moving to France. I had a porr childhood, but a very happy childhood. My farther was a humble worker.
How did you get into the sport of boxing?
I started playing football, and right next to the field where we played there was a boxing gym. I saw the boxers who went in there to train, and it made me curious to see the training. So I went, and eventually started training myself.
What did you accomplish in the amateurs?
I had 36 bouts, winning 28, losing 5 and drawing 3. I won silver at the French national championships.
Do you have any heroes in boxing, or maybe just a fighter you especially look up to?
Yes, I do. I very much admire fighters such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Roy Jones Jr., and of course Muhammad Ali.
What do you prefere to do when you are not training for a fight, or between training sessions?
The most important thing for me is to spend time with my children. My family is essential to me, its the most important thing.
Who would you say has been your toughest, or best, opponent so far?
The toughest opponent of my career so far was early in my career, a guy called Mhand Boukedim. He beat me twice on points, the only opponent to beat me so far.
You won the WBF International title last April by beating Michal Dufek. What did you take away from that fight, besides the championship and the belt?
I gained a lot of confidence and self control, and I have also raised the bar on my goals.
Any plans for a title defense in the near future?
Well, I let my trainer and manager deal with that. I just focus on the boxing side.
You mentioned earlier that you have raised your goals. What is your ultimate goal in your career?
I want to become European champion, and then eventually win the WBF World title!

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