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Princess Helen Joseph Of Nigeria To Rumble With The Kenyan Beautful Queen

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – THURSDAY 25 JULY, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – She appears so cool that you may confuse her with a nun yet she possesses lethal punches that have knocked out most of her opponents. She is the role model for many a young female boxers and those who want to excel in their boxing careers. Boxing has been her sport of choice as she loves every minute spent in the ring.

She is an adorable woman and when she speaks; her voice is so sweet like the “sound of music” that invokes the epic classical film based on the Broadway musical “The Sound of Music”, with songs written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II and stared by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plumber. This is Princess Helen daughter of Joseph from Nigeria for YOU.

Helen grew up in the northern eastern Nigeria and when she was a young girl, she had already identified her sport of choice as boxing. She used to watch boxing on the television and love when boxers displayed both humility and resilience. To her, heroes were those who displayed great humility and she adores them with great passion.

Helen has fought great battles in the ring some which have taught her to be careful with her boxing strategies as this may cost clear victory to some boxers. She has had her lessons from several loses she had suffered although some of them were unfairly rendered.

She recounted her loss to the current IBF Featherweight Champion of the world Dahianna Santana from the Dominican Republic when they met in San Domingo, the capital city of the same nation with great pains.

Helen tells the story of pains and humiliation in the hands of Santana and she has sworn to avenge her loss. “I train hard aiming at beating the hell out of her and she would answer to my firepower power one of these days” Helen was quoted saying recently in the city of Accra, Ghana.

“My mission in boxing right now is to avenge my loss to Dahianna Santana by capturing the championship of the world’ continued the IBF I/C Featherweight Female Champion while exuding confidence.

Helen’s dynamic raise in boxing to the level of IBF I/C Title did not happen overnight or came from Manna but, carefullhy planned for sometimes. This happened as soon as she met and became the student of her current Chaperon, one Kofi Dakku-Ricketts, who is arguably one of the great boxing trainers in Ghana.

Her marriage to GoldenMike Boxing Promotion Syndicate and Golden Concept Incorporation companies owned and managed by the Ghanaian promotional Gurus Henry Manly-Spain and Michael Tetteh, was the answer to her daily prayers. The marriage to these major promotional companies has elevated her to an iconic status as she visualizes greater heights!

Helen talked so dearly of Henry Manly-Spain as her Guardian Angel. “The man is so pure and generous like an angel” Helen said so recently when asked about her prospects in boxing. She also talked so highly of her trainer. “Kofi” is one of the great trainers I have ever met she continued in her interview.


Princess Helen is scheduled to meet Kenyan beautiful Queen Sarah Ochieng for her IBF Intercontinental Female Featherweight Title optional defense in August 30, 2013. The rumble would take place at the Accra National Sports Stadium under the auspices of GoldenMike Boxing Promotion Syndicate and Golden Concept Group owned and managed by Henry Manly-Spain and Michael Tetteh.

Helen promised great fight to the boxing fraternity and called upon all Nigerians living in Ghana and back in Nigeria to attend in big numbers and support her. The fight with Queen Sarah Ochieng will be her preparations to meet her nemesis Dahianna Santana probably by the end of the year. Helen aims high and this time around she promise really fireworks.

“Fighting Dahianna back in San Domingo was to her advantage” she said referring to their fight last year in the Dominican Republic when she fought Dahianna Santana for the IBF Featherweight Title. “She had all her country and thousands of fans helping her” she quipped. “But this time around, I am the Princess of African boxing and I will welcome her with the hell of fires” concluded this sober and beautiful boxing Princess from Nigeria.

Much can be said about this larger than life beautiful Nigerian female boxer as she has made thousands of friends and fans in her adopted country of Ghana. Helen is an enigma in boxing as she ponders her next move come August 30, 2013.

Would the Princess of African boxing teach a lesson or two to the Kenyan beautiful Queen Sarah Ochieng. This is the one billion dollars question which many boxing fans in Ghana and Nigeria would like to find a proper answer come August 30, 2013 at the Accra National Sports Stadium when the Hell of Fires erupts to contain the two beautiful boxers facing each other as they kiss the victory or defeat!

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