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NTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – THURSDAY 4, JULY, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – They crammed the Namibian and Wrestling Board of Control (NBWBofC) newsroom like ants yet their curiosity could not be met as the duo were to weighed-in for their impeccable duel of the year. These are interesting times for Namibia and the country is engulfed with the Prince Immanuel Naidjala’s Phobia. Many of them journalists wanted to get a shot at him before he weighed-in so as that they could send to their newsrooms for breaking news.

His opponent, a Kenyan based Tanzanian slugger Norfat Emilio was the first to arrive and yet their curiosity could not be satisfied. They wanted to see the Prince as much has been said about him and this particular fight. The whole country is engulfed in a Prince Immanuel’s Phobia and nothing short of facing him would satisfy them!

When he finally strolled in majestically like would be other Princes before him and entered the newsroom they all bloomed into a huge cheerful mood! Prince Immanuel Naidjala is the man of the day and he came in with his trademark smile and shaking hands as he strolled in the room. Once seated, he glazed around combing the room for his opponent. Oh, he was there, seated right in front of him Mano a Mano!

This is a big day for Namibian boxing fraternity. It is the day to remember and as they climbed the weighing machine and were declared on weight, there was celebrations in the room. It is the festive times for the country as they have been kept waiting for almost 3 months but, finally the D-day is finally here!

Prince Naidjala weighed 53.5 kgs while his opponent Norfat Emlio weighed 53.45 kgs. The rumble will take place at the Windhoek Country Club Resorts and Casinos in the outskirt of Windhoek, Namibia from 1900 hrs tomorrow July 5, 2013. Both combatants vowed to make it a short live duel and each displayed confidence to win the duel tomorrow!

Master Nester Tobias of Sunshine Boxing Promotion Academy the firm that is promoting this rumble could not be happier! He talks of bringing the world title to Namibia soon and claimed that Prince Naidjala is one of his jewels in his boxing stable. So much so he sounded almost like Dong King when marketing his big prized boxers.

Naysayers can say what they want but, this is the IBF International Bantamweight title and the winner will surely enjoy impeccable limelight accorded the champion in the international boxing scenes and within the family of International Boxing Federation (IBF).

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