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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – MONDAY 01 JULY, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – Namibians are yet to get over the hangover for the two major boxing battles of the year that captivated the county over the weekend when two of its boxing luminaries Hurricane Harry and King Gottlieb Ndokosho won their battles over the Hungarian and Egyptian sluggers.

Yet another great battle of the young Turks is looming and this time around, one of its great and lovable sons the handsomely Prince Immanuel Naidjala will wards off expected onslaught from the Kenyan based Tanzania Emilio Norfat for the “IBF International Bantamweight Title” as a replacement to the Botswana’s Lesley Sokotwe!

Emilio (left) pummeling his opponent

Prince Naidjala battled Lesley Sokotswe last Mach 20, 2013 in a draw rumble and their rematch was scheduled for July 5, 2013 only for the Botswana’s slugger to chickens out. His replacement is the Kenyan based Tanzania boxing machismo Emilio Norfat with an impeccable record of the world rated boxing contender. Their battle is set for July 5, 2013 at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casinos and promoted by the Namibian boxing Guru Nestor Tobias of Sunshine Boxing Promotion Academy.

Prince Immanuel will go to the ring with a record of 16(10)-0-1 to the 21(17)-3(1)-0 of Emilio Norfat and the Prince has vowed to teach Emilio a lesson or two. “Emilio is mine and mine alone. I will accord him the Namibian hospitality but in the end he would have to pay dearly in the ring. I am the greatest boxing that Namibia has ever had after the great Harry Simon,” said the Prince recently during one of his training sessions.

Emilio’s and his entourage will jet in the country tomorrow. Accompanied by another Kenyan based Tanzanian slugger Pascal Kimaru Bruno, Emilio has all the expectations of the winner on hand. He has a tendency of slugging out with his opponents and most of those who have fought with him tell the story of a hard hitting boxer with great stamina of an elephant!

The handsomely Prince Naidjala on the other hand is showy and spits fireworks when fighting and although he has a tendency of smiling to his opponents, most of them live to regrets as they usually find themselves on the ring canvas!

It is the great week for Namibia and its boxing fraternity as it steadily build capacity as one of the boxing powerhouse in Africa.

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