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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – FRIDAY 12, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – Zambian flyweight Champion Penthias Chisenga has set his “PATH” and as he prepare for his impending rumble against the Tanzanian slugger Issa Omari. In a move that may see him becomes the first ever “IBF Continental Africa Flyweight Champion” from Zambia, Penthias is training almost 10 hours a day and as he builds up his fighting arsenals while his eyes are glued on the continental crown!

Zambians from all walks of life are enthusiastic about this rumble which is coming at a time when the country under the strongman Michael Sata is rebuilding its economy. To Zambians, nothing would be so important than victory and the prospects has elicited lots of excitements in various quarters.

Pethias is a young man who want to emulate his countrymen and heroes the like of Musankabalas then Commonwealth Boxing Champions. Albert Musankabala was the Flyweight Commonwealth Champion in the 80s and Zambians vividly remembers his fireworks in the ring. They expect Penthias to rekindle the memories of the 80s and to the young man, this is the tallest order.


As the rumble gears up to homestretch, betting houses are busy selling tickets in different parts of this great copper producing nation. “It is Zambia this time:” or so they keep on saying in reference to their national soccer team Chipolopolo defeat on the hands of Tanzania national soccer team the “Taifa Stars” recently!

Penthias Scrabble could be Issa’s nightmare and the young Tanzanian is equipping himself for this major task knowing that he would be fighting at the hostile crowd. Nobody would come to his aid in that ring save for his talents and stamina. Oh! yes, he has to win this one for himself and his country!

The “IBF Continental African Flyweight Title” is taking place in Lusaka, the capital city of this copper producing nation of Zambia August 24, 2013. Exodus Stables Boxing Promotion owned and managed by Anthony Mwamba Chiwila will be in charge for this rumble. On the bill that day, will see Francis Zulu and Joseph Chingangu fight for the Africa’s greatest Apple, the “IBF Continental Africa Heavyweight Title”.

Zambia use to be one of the boxing powerhouses in Africa when great boxers like Lottie Mwale and Chisanda Mutti use to shook the boxing fraternity. The task of promoting Zambian image is now left to Pethias Chisenga and this could well be the hard one as he meet the man of his equal qualities in Issa Omari from the neighboring country of Tanzania.

“Penthia’s Scrabble” could be Issa’s Nightmare” check out this space for more news as we wait for this impending great action packed tournament which may take Zambia back to the days when it dominated boxing fraternity in Southern Africa.

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