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Pathompothong stops Segu

International Boxing Federation Africa (IBF/AFICA) – SATURDAY 18 MAY, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – The battle for the “IBF Pan Pacific Jr. Welterweight” turned into the battle of the young Titans when two of the finest boxers’ one from Africa (Tanzania) Jonas Segu and the other one from South East Asia (Thailand) Patomsuk Pathompothong met at the city of Golden Palaces of Bangkok, Thailand 17 May, 2013.

As the battle evolved and the fans had the taste of the art of “sweet science”, nobody has any doubt anymore that these two young Turks Jonas Segu and Patomsuk Pathompothong are the world champions’ materials.

The rumble that was witness by millions of South East Asian or rather Indo-China, gave spectators they money worth as the young Turks dug deeper in their boxing resources to come up with matching techniques. It was the rumble worth watching and the TV audiences got what they were expecting from “pound for pound” boxing battle of the young Titians! As it is always customary in any tournament, the victory was given to champion Patomsuk Pathompothong albeit Jonas Segu’s masterly of the game quit after hurting his lethal hand in round 6! This would have been a match made in heaven as the two young Turks had similar strength, technics and were both “go-getter” types!

It was Segu who went from his corner as a sharp blade in round one as he wanted to teach Pathompothong a lesson or two. He threw a couple of straight punches to Pathompothong’s head and body just to make him feel his presence and strength in the ring. Pathompothong withstood the on slaughter by protecting his head and moving sideways to Segu’s right so as to slow down the ferocity of his punches. As for Jonas son of Segu, who was born and raised in Dar Es Salaam better known as “Heavens of Peace”, that was is it! He had to do damage to Pathompothong so as to weaken him to ensuring himself in the proceeding rounds!

Segu went for another slaughter in round two, three and four as Pathompothong kept guarded and moving around the ring to slow down Segu’s hard punches. Jonas Segu was in the hand of the most celebrated former boxer George “Lister” Sabuni who fought a number of great boxers in his peak time. So, something might have happened in his corner during the resting time in round 2 as Segu charged towards Pathompothong like hungry Buffalo hunting its hunter as he threw hundreds of punches from the book in round 2, 3 and 4!

Pathompothong had to do something or else this Young Turk from Tanzania would snatch his IBF Pan Pacific Jr. Welterweight Title he treasure so much and that definitely was not his plan. He came out from his corner in round 4 a different man altogether and matched Segu’s strength and artistry! Both boxers’ exchanged combinations and technical punches to finish the round even!

Round 6 saw both boxers going to the ring as real boxing experts hunting each other with their telling jabs and combinations. As the round went to an end, Segu’s right and lethal hand was hurt on the process. As the rounds came to the end, it was obvious that Segu has lost the round due to his incapacitation.

Round seven saw Pathompothong gaining ground over Segu’s inability to respond to his aggression. Pathompothong continued to hammer Segu to the chorus of enchanted Thai spectators. As he drove his hard punches deeper into Segu’s body, Segu had no other option but to call it a day. He signaled to the referee that this was it; the battle had to end prematurely! By his act of quitting, Pathompothong retained his IBF Pan Pacific Jr. Welterweight Title by TKO in round 7!

This was one of the most entertaining rumbles that Thai boxing fraternity have witnessed in recent years. This is really the act of boxing in its best. It is what makes boxing a really “sweet science”. Boxing has found its future champs in the two lads!

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