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Pacquaio vs. Rios Fight: it’s getting exciting

Former Pacquiao’s conditioning coach, Alex Ariza, was stepping on the spotlight when he kicked Freddie Roach on the chest on Wednesday.

The upcoming fight between Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao and Former WBO light welterweight champion Brandon Rios is getting hotter and hotter. Two corners are now extremely upset against each other and they want to get it done on Nov. 23.

Freddie Roach said that Pacquiao was eager to punish the camp of Rios for mocking about his Parkinson’s disease. Brandon Rios, on the other hand, told “They are intimidated. They are scared. Deep down they are scared and they don’t want to admit it,” and mocked again Roach afterwards.

Pacquiao reaffirmed to his long-time trainer and friend if Brandon’s camp had made fun of him. He asked, “Are those the guys that made fun of you?” And then remained quiet for the rest of the training. But on the back of the Filipino’s mind, he’s going to humiliate Rios in front of the thousands boxing fans at the Grand Venetian on Saturday night.

It could be a bloody and violent fight according to some pundits and experts. It’s clear that Pacquiao didn’t like so much trash talking. For him, he’s just doing his job in the ring. On his facebook he posted, “There was no trash talking before all these events and we are professionals and we are doing our jobs.”

However, Rios was annoyed when he said at the Top Rank livestream with Filipino icon on Wednesday, “This Saturday will be a big problem if they think I’m gonna be a punching bag, they are wrong. I have been disciplined and I’m nobody’s tune up fight and last time I believe a punching bad doesn’t punch back. I’m a monster when it comes to that ring.”

The pressure is definitely on both fighters right now. Pacquiao wanted to avenge his two defeats in 2012, and Rios must do everything he could in order to beat Pacquiao. If he dreamed to be a next boxing superstar, then this is the time to shine. I’m sure this would be an exciting fight between the two aggressive fighters who promised to knock each other out.

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