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New appointments boost Performance Team at GB Boxing

The British Amateur Boxing Association (BABA) has appointed Robert Gibson as Performance Pathway Manager and Dan Salcedo as Coach Development Manager.

The pair will be responsible for expanding the BABA’s talent development activities and driving excellence in coaching standards.

The appointments will enhance the level of support provided to the world class performance program (WCPP) for boxing and create closer links with the Boxing Associations in England, Scotland and Wales and boxers and coaches at the grassroots.

As Performance Pathway Manager, Gibson will be responsible for ensuring the systems and structures are in place to identify, recruit and develop young male and female boxers with the potential to become full-time members of the GB Boxing squad and go on to compete at the Olympic Games.

He will work closely with the home nations and develop programs to increase their links with the WCPP and provide support to the most talented youth and junior boxers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Salcedo will be responsible for driving standards of excellence amongst the coaches that work with the WCPP and sharing these methods with the home nations and boxing clubs through the creation of opportunities and resources to assist grassroots coaches.

They will both report to the BABA’s Performance Director, Rob McCracken.

Rob McCracken said: “Robert and Dan have very impressive backgrounds in elite sport combined with a detailed knowledge of the WCPP for boxing and will both be excellent additions to the performance team at the BABA.”

The BABA’s Chief Executive, Matt Holt, added: “The on-going success of the program is dependent on our ability to identify the most talented young boxers produced by the home nations and then provide them with the best quality coaching and training environment for them to develop and improve.

“Having individuals with specific responsibility for developing the talent pool, raising standards in coaching and driving greater engagement with the grassroots and the home nations will significantly enhance the WCPP and increase our ability to deliver sustainable long term success.”

Gibson and Salcedo both have backgrounds in high performance sport and have competed internationally, coached elite athletes and worked with the WCPP for boxing in their previous roles at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), which provides sport science the sport medicine to over 30 Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Gibson is a former international rower who went on to work as a coach for GB Rowing following his retirement from competition in 2000. He later joined the EIS where he worked as a Performance Analyst assigned to boxing for over six years, including the Olympic Games in Beijing and London.

Salcedo is a former international triathlete and coach. He spent nine years as a full-time coach with British Triathlon and worked with World and European Champions.

He was the Head Coach for Triathlon at Beijing 2008 before moving on to join the EIS where he worked as a Performance Lifestyle Adviser. In this role, he worked with the GB Boxing squad in the London cycle providing individual and group support on a range of lifestyle issues including financial planning and management; education and guidance; lifestyle planning and prioritization and advice on sponsorship, commercial activities and opportunities for the boxers to supplement their income.