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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – SATURDAY 6, 2013 DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – The explosive rumble was regarded as one of the major boxing tournaments that Namibia has ever hosted and when it happened, boxing fans from all walks of life enjoyed every round.

The two boxers in the center of the ring fought intelligently, courageously and technically. The fight was completely fireworks and both young Turks spitted fires in every second they stayed in the ring. But, thing changed rapidly from round two when Prince Immanuel Naidjala sent Norfat Emilio packing to the ring canvas.

It was expected to be one of the major battles that ever take place in this South West African nation of Namibia and nothing came short of calling it the really world top rated boxing tournament as both combatants harbored great boxing records with Naidjala’s 16(10)-0-1 to Emilio’s 21(17)-3(1)-0 respectively. But alas, things took gigantic turn early in the fight!

PRINCE NAIDJALA acquitted himself with aplomb, he has an engaging demeanor and even those who were rubbishing his confidence before must concede that he is really the champion who lived to his promise and gave boxing spectators their money worth. He applied this trait to good effect, with fulsome aggressiveness to his opponent and as the night wore thin, Emilio was reduced to the chase game in the ring as Prince Naidjala showcased his boxing talents. As it was expected, Naidjala topped the bill to the satisfaction of the boxing doers!

It was Emilio who leapt from his corner like the Maasai’s arrow to connect with Prince Naidjala as he was leaving his corner to face the man from “Mount Kenya” (as the book “Facing Mount Kenya” and authored by Jomo Kenyatta the founding President of Kenya Republic would put it) but, he met the man who was better prepared for his onslaught from the Kalahari Desert in the Republic of Namibia. As the two young Turks squared it at each other, spectators were yelling from all corners of the big auditorium.

At first, boxing pundits were at pains to name the winner in round one, but as the fight entered round two, it was the Prince who showed a better part for the duel! Emilio was forced to come out fighting for his dear life in order to slow down Prince Naidjala’s onslaught. Sometimes he seemed be running from the Prince to escape his ferocity of punches.

The end seemed imminent from round seven when the Prince sent Emilio to the ring canvas for the fourth time and to the boxing fans this was too many a times for a boxer to kiss the ring canvas! As Emilio wobbled on his weak legs and walked like a newly born calf from the impact of the Princes punches, it was perceptible to the boxing fans that the end was nearer than they had expected!

It was in round eight where the punch that sent Emilio flat to the ring canvas for the fifth time came from nowhere. At first Emilio grimaced to the impact of the punch and then slowly he started to fall down slowly like a dry leaf falling from the mango tree and landed on his back hitting his neck.

As he tried to he gather his little strength to get up the Namibian referee Timo Haikonda urged him to lay down still on his back to avoid traumatizing his already weak body while Prince Naidjala was jumping all over the ring yelling that he was the Prince and the large crowd responded in kind!

When the ringside physicians were attending to Emilio, the hall erupted into cheers of the “champion, champion, champion”. Namibians would remember this duel for a long time as Prince Naidjala made good his promise to entertain them.

Congratulations Nestor Tobias the Namibians boxing Guru. Your work to make boxing the “number one sport” in Namibia should be emulated by others!

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