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Nathan Reeve vs. Louis Norman on Sunday

Nathan Reeve is ready to give everything to capture the vacant English flyweight title in Wolverhampton on Sunday. His back-and-forth battle with Terry Broadbent last year was one of the best small-hall scraps of 2012 – and he is also remembered by fight fans for a gutsy showing in ‘Prizefighter.’

Reeve looks set to thrill fight fans again at the Civic Hall.

Louis ‘2 Sweet’ Norman is a cocksure teenager with an unbeaten five-fight record – and Reeve says he can’t wait to punch him in the face!

“I just love fighting,” said the 23 year-old from Northampton.

“I love it when someone is coming at me giving their all.

“The harder the fight, the more I love it.

“A lot of people have told me the fight with Broadbent was the best they’ve seen and I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing I’ve given people what they want.

“I think I showed what champions have to show that night.

“I know I can fight like that if I have to. I know I’ve got it in me.

“I’m expecting more of a tactical fight against Louis Norman.

“He knows I’m a lot stronger than him and I can’t see him coming at me.

“He will move around, go in and out and be sharp.

“But I can’t see me boxing any flyweight in the country and not hurting them at some stage.

“I will hit him and I will hurt him.

“It doesn’t matter how hard he trains or how fit he is, it’s all about what happens when I hit him on the chin.

“I’m so confident I will get to him eventually.

“I’ve had five knock-outs in my career – and he’s only had five fights.

“It’s a good clash of styles and I know people are looking forward to the fight.

“I’m looking forward to it myself !”

A couple of years ago, Reeve and Norman sparred and ‘2 Sweet’ said: “Nathan knows I’m talented – but he doesn’t know how talented.

“He thinks he’s going to go in there, hit me with his best shot and that will be that.

“But he can’t hit what he can’t see.

“I’m going to be too big and quick for him. I’m going to put him on the back foot and stop him in the later rounds.”

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