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Gottlien Ndokosho vs Feliciano Dario Azuaga Ledesma on Sept 28

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – SUNDAY 04 AUGUST, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – KING Gottlien Ndokosho also known as “The Bite”, the Namibian IBF AMEPG Featherweight Champion have gone shopping to South America, in the land of American Indians, Paraguay and unearthed one of the boxing’s most experienced boxer with over 100 professional boxing record.

Ndokosho will now lock horns with “El Indio de Oro”, the nick name given to the Paraguayan Macho man Feliciano Dario Azuaga Ledesma. The duo will meet on September 28, 2013 at the Sam Nujoma’s National Stadium in Windhoek, Namibia where the King will defend his IBF AMEPG Featherweight Title.

Their duel is a curtain raiser at the major battle between the Namibian larger than life Hurricane Harry Simon or “The Terminator” v. Geard Ajetovic from Serbian for their “IBF International Light heavyweight Title”. The Serbian die-hard slugger is the current “IBF International Super Middleweight Champion”

Feliciano Dario Azuaga Ledesma was born and raised in Concepcion but presently live in Asuncion, Paraguay where he cut niches in boxing and build up a formidable boxing record of over 100 professional boxing fights. It is the awesome fighting machine that depicts this macho Paraguayan slugger as many a opponents have lived to attest the harrowing stories of his burning his firepower.

Well, that firepower, speed and experiences will have to contain the punching ferocity and fury of the powerful King Ndokosho who is known to torment his opponents in his illustrious boxing career.

El Indio de Oro toying with his opponent
KING Ndokosho 13(4)-3(1)-0 and ranked # 14 at the IBF I/C ratings systems will defend his “IBF AMEPG Featherweight Title” for the last time before and moving on to fight for the vacant IBF International Featherweight Title.

The macho man Feliciano Dario Azuaga Ledesma and opponent surrounded by beautiful models

As the battle of the two sluggers takes shape, the ground could turn into a quick sand for any of the two combatants as they prepare to lock horns in their great duel of their lives.

King Ndokosho won the title in September 2012 after dispatching Tanzania slugger Rajabi Maoja in round 1. Again this year in June 29, 2013, the King taught one of the Pharaoh’s offspring Ibrahim Mostafa “The Butcher” a great lesson after KOed him in round 4.

It is against this background, the IBF offered him to fight for its vacant International Featherweight Title. Windhoek based Kinda Boxing Promotions plan to promote the vacant IBF International Featherweight Title in October 2013.

The rumble between “The Bite” and “El Indio de Oro” will take place at the Sam Nujoma National Stadium in the outskirt of the Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia on September 28, 2013 and will be promoted by HS Okungu Promotions the company identified with Hurricane Harry Simon, the man in the center of this epic battle.

Watch out this space for more news on the epic rumble between “The Bite” and the “El Indio de Oro” on September 28, 2013.

Congratulations TEAM Ndokosho and Azuaga. Congratulations Namibia. Africa is proud of you!

“Nothing else like IBF/AFRICA as it advances African interests to the Global professional boxing fraternity”

They Call it AFRICA. We Call it HOME.

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