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NABF News – July 31, 2013

July 31, 2013

The following is a letter from North American Boxing Federation President Duane Ford to NABF members.

The NABF ratings for July, 2013, are attached to this email in .PDF format.

Dear Members:

I want to personally welcome you to “A New Era” of the North American Boxing Federation. Together, we will make the changes and improvements that are needed, without losing sight of what makes our organization unique.

Becoming President of the NABF was not an easy decision for me to make; however, it was the correct decision. My start in the world of boxing came through the NABF in Reno, Nevada, at the 1978 Convention. It was there I met the great leaders who taught me to have respect for the fighters and for the sport of boxing.

Boxing has changed since I started. We have moved into the electronic era, we undergo worldwide scrutiny; therefore, the NABF must move forward in building relationships with promoters, managers and trainers along with the boxers. We also need to respect our officials and developing them to become the BEST in boxing world.

As a boxing judge, I was blessed with the trust and honor to have done many world championship fights. During my career, criticism made me stronger and fueled my desire to become better as a judge. I know how an official feels when they are criticized or not used. With the many good people we now have in place in the NABF, we can build the standards of quality and consistency among our officials. We can help each other become better. With this comes more responsibility, along with the opportunity to do our best work. In this manner, we can hope to avoid criticism altogether. (See officials code of ethics on web site)

The energy at this 2013 Reno convention was electric! Seeing more than 80 of us walking through downtown together, stopping in the middle of the street and having our picture made – that was amazing! I grew up in that area, attended school there, participated in athletics just a short distance from downtown. I rode the train in and out of the downtown station; saw “The Biggest Little City in the World” in the eyes of my youth, but this might have topped it all! That showed unification that we will all carry with us far into the future.

When I spoke to you after the election, I said that you are all my brothers and sisters. I sincerely mean that. Please come to me with any questions or concerns. I also want to hear your ideas and recommended changes. This is a brilliant group! We are blessed with new faces, people who have joined for the first time, with new perspectives. And we are blessed with faithful friends of many years who keep us grounded in the good traditions of the past. I hope that you new members had an opportunity to meet and visit with long time members. This is how we learn and bond and grow. There are many former members who were missing at this convention, we invite you to return. If you did attend and missed some of your friends, contact them and encourage them to come back into the circle. Or send us names and email addresses and we will personally invite them to join. Lets all of us build the NABF to be stronger and help us move into “A New Era.”

Duane Ford

President, North American Boxing Federation

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