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Mundne-Mosley round by round

Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine V Sugar Shane Mosley – All Phones Arena Sydney, Australia.

The fight that was meant to happen but nearly didn’t is about to happen.

Prefight entertainment.

Aboriginal warriors are performing an Indigenous dance mid-ring. The didgeridoo really does produce an amazing sound. Good to see some some traditional dancing represented on an Australian fight card.

Both men weighed in at 69 kilograms.

Mundine’s ring walk: Mundine lead his entourage out to some R&B. Mundine looks hydrated, definitely filled out from his weigh in. Yellow and black trunks with a matching vest it’s a pretty flashy ensemble. Mundine is some 18 kilograms lighter than his league playing weight of 88 kilograms. Mundine looks calm. The absolute discipline to get down to this weight shows the man’s absolute application and discipline to the sport. Will fighting at this weight affect his power? Stamina”. Mundine as always trained by his dad Tony.

Mosley’s ring walk: Sugar Shane leads out his team to some guitar rock. Odd choice of music I would have thought. Mosley the consummate professional looks calm as a cucumber. Dressed in solid black trunks and pull over looks primed to go. His dad and trainer Jack Mosley looks relaxed. Old hat for father and son.

Stare down. Both men in outstanding condition. Not much of a stare down to speak of. Very brief on all accounts, including the glove touch.

My pick: Mundine, naturally bigger man, will match Mosely for speed and his size difference will be the difference. Mundine by MD or UD.

Round 1:

Mundine the taller man. Mundine shoots out a jab. Mundine looks so much bigger. Mosley jabs to the body. Both exchange body shots. Mundine coming forward.

Have to say it’s phenomenal to think that Mundine has principally fought at 76 kilograms. Mosley goes looking for a big overhand right but misses. Had real bad intentions on it.

Mundine doubles up on the jab. Mundine matching Mosley for speed. Mundine shoots an ineffectual 1-2 down the barrel.

Mundine jabbing very well.

Mundine round – Mundine coming forward being the aggressor.

Round 2:

Commentators talking about Mundine trying to be the first man to stop Mosley. Not likely.

Mosley at this point controlling the ring real estate. Mundine using his jab very effectively.

Mundine’s jab an outstanding weapon when he’s working it.

Mundine leaps in with a left hook. Mundine looks to be in charge. Mosley digs a left hand to the body.

This early it looks as if Mundine’s size advantage is going to be the definitive factor in the fight. The flashing speed of the Mosley of old is not apparent in the Mosley of present. Mosley’s best work is to Mundine’s body but not enough to take the round from the more aggressively minded Mundine.

Mundine round – more aggressive, landed the more definitive shots.

Round 3:

Mundine looking to press forward. Mosley lands a right hand over the top. May have hurt Mundine. Looks for another. Mundine appears ok.

Mundine back to jabbing…and well. A great 1-2 down the shoot by Mundine. Mundine lands another over hand right.

Mundine goes looking for a right hand of his own. Good shot. Mundine sends another 1-2 down the barrel. Mundine looking sharper.

Mundine setting everything up off the jab. Mosley missed with two overhand rights. Both had head trauma written over them but neither landed.

Even round – both men effective. Hard to separate.

Round 4:

Mundine again jabbing well. The jab and his size the definitive factors.

Mundine caught by a right hand. He’s hurt. Mosley looking to come on. Mundine lands a right of his own. Mosley is hurt, hanging on for dear life. Mundine trying to walk him down looking for a KO.

Mosley is rattled. Mundine now stalking. Looking for the right hand. Mundine pressing. Mundine shoots a 1-2 down between Mosley’s guard.

Mundine round – both men rocked but Mundine the busier and more aggressive.

Round 5:

Mundine while hurt in the last round has more firepower than Mosley and working harder to use it. Mundine lands a crisp right hand. Mundine hunting. Looks similar to when he walked Sam Soliman down the night he stopped him.

Good 1-2 from Mundine. Mosley looks puffed. Mundine simply out working Mosley. Mundine starting to bully Mosley. Mosley lands a good left hand, doesn’t phase Mundine.

Mosley motioning he has something wrong with his back. Is the great man looking for an exit stage left option? Surely not!

Mundine round – doing more, landing more.

Round 6:

Halfway point. Mundine lands a good 1-2 combination. Mosley rips a good body shot. Mundine back to jabbing with authority. Mundine hunting for a shot. Mundine controlling the fight. Mosley looks visibly worried, like he knows he’s in trouble.

Mundine out everything Mosley. Boxing beautifully is Mundine but this isn’t the Mosley of the vintage era.

Mundine round – more of the same.

Round 7:

Mosley again complaining of back pain. Pain apparent on his face. He’s asked his dad ‘for a couple more rounds to see how his back goes’. Jack Mosley wants him to go out there and keep fighting. Ref has called on the ring doctor. Ref checking Mosley out. Ref says Mosley can’t continue.

Decision: Mundine wins by TKO. He was the dominant fighter. Commentators were right. Anthony Mundine was the first man to stop Sugar Shane. Mundine looked great against a sub par Mosley. Mundine seems subdued. Obvious he has great respect for the legend that is Mosley.

Anthony Mundine post fight IV: Gives thanks to god, pays respect to Mosley’s status in boxing. Talks about Mosley’s ‘dangerous right hand’. Tells everyone he was rocked by a Mosley right hand but was able to recover ‘because of my fitness and I’m still looking alright’. Talks about wanting to fight ‘the best fighters’. Mundine calls Mosley one of the best ‘pound for pound fighters of the last century’ (a great fighter Sugar Shane is but that is a very lofty call).

Sugar Shane Mosley post fight IV: Talks about the ref approaching him and asking him about his back. Says his back was fine pre-fight and the injury happened in the ‘heat of the battle’. Says he felt ‘Mundine was outpointing him but he still had a punchers chance’ but ‘h

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