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MBC Revoke Sanctioning Of 25th April MFCC Event in Malta

Marc James, the Permanent General Secretary of the Malta Boxing Commission, today announced that the board of the MBC have voted unanimously to revoke the sanctioning of the upcoming event, which is due to take place at MFCC on 25th April 2014, as well as, with immediate effect, suspending all sanctioning agreements with the German Championship organisation WBUv – which is currently listed as World Boxing Union (German Version) by industry records website

Mr. James revealed that this decision was reached upon due to two factors, the first being that outstanding sanctioning and medical fees for a previous event have yet to be paid by the promoter, Mr Gary Hincks.

The second being due to a serious breach of recognised professional Boxing rules and medical requirements, by Mr Torsten Knille, President of the WBUv – World Boxing Union (German Version).

It had come to the attention that Mr Knille’s has chosen to ignore standardised professional boxing safety regulations, by allowing the holder of one of the WBUv titles to compete without proof of medical examinations, or the required blood and brain screening.

As such the MBC board feel that they had no option but to revoke the sanctioning of both the WBUv – World Boxing Union (German Version) – Super Middleweight World title fight and the undercard bouts on an upcoming event, which is due to take place at MFCC on 25th April 2014, as well as all future WBUv – World Boxing Union (German Version) – Championship bouts in Malta.

Mr. James, speaking on behalf of the board of the Malta Boxing Commission, said.

“Whilst we could have worked around the outstanding fees situation, there is no way we could possibly consider sanctioning an event where one or more of the boxers competing has no current medical or undertaken the required MRI and blood screening.

We find it unbelievable that WBUv President Torsten Knille is willing to ignore all established professional boxing safety and internationally recognised professional boxing medical regulations, just to sell a title.

This action indicates gross neglect for the welfare of boxers, by Mr Knille, which is an abhorrent act by the President of a so called Professional Boxing Championship organisation.

As such we were left no option but to revoke the sanctioning of the event that takes place this Friday.

We are advising all parties publicly of this decision, because everyone taking part should be aware that as we have revoked the sanctioning that the required insurance of boxers on that event is now null and void.”

It would seem that this is not just a ‘one off’ case of unprofessionalism by Mr. Knille and the WBUv – World Boxing Union (German Version) – as Mr James then spoke of further information that has come to light over the past few days.

“We have recently been made aware that various European Boxing Union member countries, including the German National organisation BDB and the Croatian HSPB, have suspended all dealings with Mr Knille and the WBUv in the past year or so.

The information we are receiving from EBU members is quite alarming, in an e.mail that has been forwarded to me, Mr Harry Gorian, the HSPB Sport Director, stated that following an event held in Croatia in May 2013 the HSPB suspended all dealing with Mr Knille after he and the WBUv acted in an unprofessional manner, by ignoring recognised International boxing rules.

He then went on to say that the WBUv’s leadership, and I quote, ‘have no professional attitude and respect for others, except greed to get sanctioning fee and exposure at any cost’

In addition we have also been made aware that there are alarming doubts of Mr. Knille’s right to use the long established World Boxing Union name, which brings into further question the legitimacy of his Championships, which in turn brings into question the legitimacy of the titles held by various MBC licensed boxers.

I’m not saying that we will strip the MBC licensed boxers, such as Steve Martin, of the WBUv titles they hold, but in the future we will not recognise or provide sanctioning for any championships of Mr Knille’s and the WBUv.”