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Mayweather Promotions Inks Mickey Bey

photoProfessional boxer Mickey Bey (18-0, 9 KO’s) speaks on signing to Floyd Mayweather’s very own Mayweather Promotions (The Money Team). The two have known each other for over a decade, in which a strong friendship formed between them. Mayweather’s father, Floyd Sr was Mickey’s first trainer as a professional, and the two still currently train together. When asked about his new team, Bey revealed that this joining of forces was “past due”, yet he continued on to say, “Now it’s happening at the right time. I’m glad I can display my talent to the world and become a superstar under [Mayweather’s] promotional company.”

Bey is excited to be working with “one of the best business men in the world and in sports”, and looking towards the future, he states that, “boxing is the type of sport where it matters who you are with… it can’t get any better than being with The Money Team. [Mayweather] is the strongest force in boxing, and it will be easy for him to make a lot of things happen, I’m excited to be able to make history with The Money Team.”

Even though there is quite a bit of buzz surrounding Bey joining The Money Team, he continues to remain humble and stay grounded. Bey says, “I’m spiritual and at the end of the day, I love boxing. I really want to be one of the greatest fighters ever… having a good spirit, that comes first, because my whole life I won’t be able to box… it’s all about health and having a good spirit and being a good person overall. True happiness and confidence is within, not outward. I make sure that I feel good from the core and the spirit and that will never change no matter how big I get.”

Any contenders out there wondering if they may get a shot at fighting against Mickey Bey should know that he isn’t one to be choosy. He jokingly reveals that, “[It’s] first come, first serve; [it’s like] a buffet, anybody can get it, however many people can get it.” After not fighting since November of 2011, Bey is more than ready to get back out there. Fans of the boxer can expect to see him back in the ring on February 2nd, 2013 in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, facing contender Robert Rodriguez (7-2).

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