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Frederick Lawson Won The Thrilling IBF International Welterweight Tournament

Finally, the IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King and I/C rated # 5 marvelous Frederick Lawson had his day in the ring after winning a thrilling title tournament to become the new IBF International Welterweight King. The rumble which took place at the Jubilee Pool House, near Club House in Accra, Ghana last night, kept boxing spectators on their feet throughout the fight.

The Georgian Strongman George Ungiadze went to the ring to the tumult chants of the accompanying small but noisy entourage of fans from Eastern Europe who reside in Ghana and the neighboring West African countries, spitting fires throwing every punch he knew from the book. He managed to push his archrival Lawson ak.a Sugar Ray to the neutral corner. For Ungiadze, that was it, he had to win!

His country, the Republic of Georgia and the constant chorus of his accompanying fans had pinned their hopes on him. “He had to win, looking at the way he was punching they kept on screaming above the shouts of the thousands of Ghanaian fans. Unfortunately though, for the Strongman from the Republic of Georgia he had met his real match in marvelous Frederick Lawson a.k.a Sugar Ray, the “Kid around the Block”.

Punches that assured Frederick Lawson of the victory started in round five. The combatants were squaring it out to each other, Lawson using telling jabs and sometimes scoring with fast combinations and Ungiadze using body punches and inside technique. Up to that point, Ungiadze seemed to contained Lawson as he kept on the pressure with his huge right hook that kept on discouraging Lawson but, something HAPPENED!.

Out of the blue, where nobody could have imagined came the hard right hook to Ungiadze’s left jaw. At first Ungiadze seemed to be stable as he grimaced to the impact of the punch but he did not anticipated what was coming later.

Seen him frowned still with the impact of his hard right, the Beijing 2008 Ghanaian Olympiad Lawson a.k.a Sugar Ray connected with two rapid jabs to his head followed by the massive right uppercut. Ungiadze stood still with his hands hanging in limbo from the impact of the uppercut. He nearly fell down like a dried leaf from the tree but, he was so lucky that the bell rang to serve him, otherwise it would have been as a clear knock down.

Marvelous Frederick Lawson a.k.a Sugar Ray lambasted Ungiadze with several jabs to his. Ungiaze’s sweat splashed to the ringside spectators from the impact of the punches. This was his round, as he kept on landing one punch after another.

Things changed rapidly two minute before the end of round 10. As Ungiadze’s body was absorbing Lawson’s lethal punches, a huge round punch threw him to the ropes as Lawson started working on his body like hungry lion.

By the time the bell of round 12 rang Ungiadze knew one thing for sure; that he was not the MAN of the day and this was confirmed by the judges as the fans were rushing to the ring like pack of solders in the battlefield.

It was all over, all over, and marvelous Frederick Lawson a.k.a Sugar Ray was jumping up joyfully to the blaring shouts and songs of his fans and all the spectators in the hall. He was the New IBF International Welterweight King! The scores were all inn favor of him 120-118, 118-109, 118-119 making it Unanimous decision.

GHANA had just witnessed yet another battle of the young titans and the history is written down to the next generations. For the country that has invested hugely in boxing as the key to its “tourism promotion”, it would never be the same anymore. One thing for sure which will always remain in the minds of the Ghanaian boxing fans is that Ghana, is on its way to reclaiming its leading role of boxing in Africa.

Congratulations Frederick Lawson, the New IBF International Welterweight Champion.

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