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Mark Villanueva’s work paying off

It all began months ago. One man, one dream, one plan and a fulfillment.

Nobody gave guarantee to boxing fan, trainer, and writer Mark Villanueva. While many tipped their hat to his selfless desires, not one could do the work for him.

Mark gave up all he didn’t need. He channeled all of his life focus into his dream – and it is paying off. He donates nearly each day of his life to working with children whose families suffer through poverty. Not only does he train these kids but he mentors them. Not just in the ring but in life. His goal is to give them guidance. He helps them live their individual lives the very best they can. This is enough reward in itself for Mr. Villanueva.

Through all, things are looking up. The gym is gaining much support from his beloved fans and friends from Iloilo City and across the world. All the people who made this possible with financial support are thanked and those who have with words of encouragement are as much so. Villanueva just wanted an opportunity to prove his devotion – and he’s put all he has into surpassing the demands put up with these opportunities. He has equaled and surpassed expectations.

The gym is fully repaired and renovated with fresh equipment and training gear. It just served host to multiple visitors to guests from the United Kingdom and United States, who were alleviated to see the gym and meet Mark Villanueva with their own eyes.

An elated Villanueva stated “Really good vibes are going on in the gym. People in the community are giving back, making the gym a platform for positivism.”. Locals fortunate enough to do so have donated money, food and much support to the gym. Seeing as many of Villanueva’s “students” do not get to have the 3+ meals a day that many find to be of the ordinary, Villanueva hopes to be able to supply food and vitamin supplements as well. Supporters in the community make this easier to do.

There is much more work to be done. Maintaining the gym is a chore in itself. Paying for the gym’s expenses is another. In the end, Mark Villanueva cuts more than enough corners in his own life. He’s hoping it will be enough. It should be enough. He owes it to himself to keep this dream alive – and for a very, very long time.

Follow up on Mark’s cause by following him on Twitter at @markfvillanueva and liking his page on Facebook at “The Mark
Villanueva Boxing Academy”. News and information is posted regularly through these sources and through news releases. To help finance the academy, we‘ll be selling clothing through our brand new online and in-gym store. The store will open in the coming weeks!

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