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Lawson vs. Ungiadze on July 20th

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFICA) – TUESDAY 02 JULY, 2013 – Dar Es Salaam – The “IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King” and the 2008 “Beijing Olympic” Ghanaian Marvelous Frederick Lawson will finally meet the “Georgian Strongman” George Ungiadze 22(10)-14(3)-0 for the vacant “IBF International Welterweight Crown in July 20, 2013”.

In the recent past Marvelous Frederick Lawson fought to leave the impoverish Bukom shanty slam but, now he is living to fight for prosperity as he face the Georgian strongman George Ungiadze.

Marvelous Lawson being Crowned as the African Welterweight “King”

Marvelous Frederick Lawson with a canning metaphor of cruelly disposing his opponents has already made his name in the ring as a non-nonsense boxer who box the way “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler did in the 80s. Lawson is handsome, cool and has a tendency to smile to his opponents in the ring when punishing them.

Lawson will go to the rumble with 20(19)-0-0 boxing record which make most of his opponents tto rembling when facing him. He is yet to drop a fight as most of his opponents fight him while running for their dear lives! His mannerism of disposing his opponents is a clear cut business and nobody ever stood his on slaughter except for one insane boxer who stood with him for a long distance and regreted it later after severe punishment.

photo Valery Brazhnik vs George Ungiadze
George Ungiadze(right) exchanging blows with Valery Brazhnik (left)

George Ungiadze, from Georgian Republic the country known for strongmen and beautiful ladies, want to change the cause of history in Lawson’s boxing life. Ungiadze is completely the opposite of Lawson. Tough, serious and proud, Ungiadze’s been handling his boxing enterprises very seriously lately!

Coming from the former Soviet Union’s republic “Georgia” the country of “Edward Shevaednadze”, Ungiadze’s demeanor with his opponents has been quite thorough! But, this time around he will meet the man who has knocked down all his opponents by 99.99% and this is none other than Marvelous Frederick son of Lawson who is the most celebrated “IBF Continental Africa Welterweight” champion.

When all is said and done and the judges give their verdict or would it reach to that level? The answer to this one billion dollars question will have to wait until June 22, 2913 when the duo meet in the Ghanaian Capital City of Accra.

Alhaj Enusa Sally, the Managing Director of Enusa Company Limited and marvelous Lawson’s manager and promoter together with trainer Joseph Awiningyo has a lot of hopes for this handsomely Ghanaian Macho man, marvelous Lawson and believes that nothing will stand on his way to add the “IBF International Welterweight Crown” to his number of titles he already has.

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