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Kareem Hackett’s career moves forward

After securing a win in his first fight, Kareem Hackett (1-0 1 KO) is preparing for a number of possible fights, outcomes, and triumphs over the next few years as he continues to build and improve off of a short-but-sweet amateur boxing trial-run.

Grown at home from the respected local “Champions Boxing Club”, Kareem Hackett is looking to surpass the glamor of his compatriots — achieving success beyond the walls of the gym, and his native Toronto, Ontario. Rather than finding satisfaction in regional acclaim, he plans a more conspicuous run in both the United States and throughout Canada.

The first step is checked off.

Kareem Hackett stamped in his victory quickly, denying an ordinary 39-year-old Charles Fischer (0-2) his first professional win. Hackett left Fischer stranded in the dust with combinations to the head and lethal body shots — one of which finished the fight barely past the starting bell of round two.

Learning on the job is a valid point of entry for a 23 year old boxer — probably well behind the intangible “prime” of his boxing career. Hackett’s first fight, even against a lackluster boxer by the name of Charles Fischer, was the ideal professional debut. No defensive openings, a scintillating knockout, and showcase of versatility as well as ring generalship left no doubts to just how natural Kareem Hackett is as a young pro boxer. It wasn’t all a birthright — uncountable hours in the gym built upon the love and passion Hackett has always shared for the art of the fists.

His boxing skills are full-fledged, and love for the sport is full and long stemmed, but to reach the top, Hackett can’t — and won’t — let anything hold him from his feasible world title aspirations.

Kareem Hackett’s next fight will take place on November 27th in Detroit. More details will be announced soon. An active 2014 is being slated in Canada and the US — against improved opposition — as proudly implied.

Hackett will be looking to climb his way up the 168lb picture in the coming years — especially as bright but dimming current/former titleholders Andre Ward, Carl Froch, Sakio Bika, and Mikkel Kessler subtly push the age boundaries at escalating rates. Time is on his side, and the future waits before him — we’ll just have to wait and see what that will hold.

Follow Hackett on Twitter @DreamPugilist and like his Facebook page at Kareem Hackett on Facebook.

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