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International Boxing Federation Africa: Great Achievements

On the onset of African professional boxing fraternity, one organization that has been working very hard to take this great continent to greater heights is the International Boxing Federation Africa (IBF/AFRICA) which is the African continental arm of the world’s major sanction body, the International Boxing Federation and United States Boxing Association (IBF/USBA).

These great achievements were realized in the last few years when IBF/Africa was established by a group of African boxing pioneers who met in various locations and resolved to have the presence of the world boxing body in African soil. The task of realizing their dreams was given to Mr. Onesmo Ngowi from Tanzania with the responsibility to communicate with IBF/USBA and establish a strong and permanent link to promote Africa boxers interests “FIRST”.

Since its establishment in 1999 and registration in 2000, IBF/AFRICA has become a safe “HOME” and synonymous with African professional boxing fraternity. It has endeavored to promote Africa boxers some of whom have already bought great honors to this great continent.

It is important to note that IBF/USBA is arguably the sanction body in the world that has a “clear progression path” for boxers vying for its titles. This is a reliable vehicle for African boxers upon acquiring IBF/AFRICA titles immediately gain world class recognition and celebrity distinction throughout the world of boxing.

Golden Opportunity to be seized

While it is a public knowledge that African continent in general missed the industrial revolution and much of the first wave of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution, IBF/AFRICA seek to beat this trodden horse by encompassing around “SPORTS/BOXING TOURISM” revolution which is an underlining pin for IBF/AFRICA’s establishment.

Therefore, IBF/AFRICA in essence has become a SAFE and permanent “HOME” for African professional boxing fraternity and providing its boxers with opportunity for recognition and various titles stretching from continentals to the worlds!

The tremendous value of IBF/AFRICA is based on its tenacity to develop African professional boxers’ international profile and ratings which has resulted to increased earnings! It is in fact the IBF/AFRICA’s contributions to the African boxing fraternity that has led to its unprecedented growth in recent years

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