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NTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – TUESDAY 16, JULY, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – IBF progression path has started to bear fruits by uplifting the levels of African boxers after its Continental and International Champions were included in the latest IBF I/C ratings respectively. Initially, this two pronged paths would propel African boxers towards world titles in due time.

The process for boxers to become world champions has to take time and in structured manners which the International Boxing Federation is undertaking. Grooming the champions of the world or rating them too early before they are ready will definitely kills their illustrious boxing career. Many a boxers had their careers skirted for running too early and too fast toward the pinnacle of the boxing fraternity and that is the world titles. Often such boxers found the going is tough after venturing from their country geographical territories to meet better prepared and trained opponents.

IBF Champ 1 copy 241×300 Richard Commey vs. Paul Truscott at York Hall in Bethnal Green on July 13th
Richard “Azonto” Commey

To avoid such dead-end, the IBF/Africa has structured a two pronged paths where its boxers would start as regional champions and get a rating consideration at the Intercontinental (I/C) ratings. While there, they would be busy fighting credible opponents and much often those who are rated at the same. In doing so, they climb the ratings ladders and get recognition by the international reputed promoters and TV network coverage.

The second pronged path is for the boxers already rated in the same I/C ratings to fight for I/C titles. Once they become I/C champions they deserve ratings considerations at the IBF world ratings where they have to work hard fighting other boxers rated at the same. This is how boxers are supposed to climb ratings ladders carefully and sustainably without damaging their career process!

The IBF Continental Africa, Middle East & Persian Gulf (IBF AMEPG) champion Gottlieb Ndokoso of Namibia has been rated number 14 at the IBF I/C ratings. Ndokoso won the title September 2012 after dispatching the Tanzanian slugger Rajabu Maoja and has since defended it last month by annihilating the Pharaohs kin Ibrahim Mostafa from Egypt.

The IBF Continental Africa, Middle East and Persian Gulf (IBF AMEPG) Jr. Middleweight Champion Ayoub Nefzi of Tunisia based in Belgium has been rated at the IBF I/C number 4. Nefzi won the title last year after overwhelmingly beating Ghanaian Ismail Tetteh in the accelerating duel in Tunis, Tunisia.

The IBF Continent Africa Lightweight King Richard Commey from Ghana has been rated at number 6 at the IBF I/C ratings. Commey won the title March this year after humiliating his compatriot Bilal Mohammed in the short distance duel of the year. Amazing Commey has proved to be the KO machine after stopping the Englishman Paul Truscott at the York hall last weekend and recoding his 16th KO.

“THE KING” Gottlieb Ndokosho

The IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King Frederick Lawson from Ghana has been rated at number 5 by the IBF I/C ratings. Lawson won the title last year after dispatching his Ghanian opponent Issac Sowah in the short distance rumble of the year. Lawson is billed for the IBF International Title this weekend against the Georgian strongman George Ungiadze.

The IBF Continental Africa Super Middleweight King Francis Cheka of Tanzania has been rated as number 4 at the IBF I/C rating. Cheka first won the title in 2011 against his Tanzania compatriot Mada Maugo and has since defended it two times against Chimwemwe Chiotcha of Malawi and Thomas Mashali of Tanzania respectively.

IBF Continental Africa Champion Francis Cheka (left) with Chimwemwe of Malwi (right)

The IBF Continental Africa Jr. Welterweight King Albert Mensah from Ghana is the only continental Africa champions to enter the IBF World ratings and is rated at number 8 at the IBF ratings. Mensah won his title this year after stopping the boastful Ghanian compatriot Ben Odemattey.

The IBF International Bantamweight Champion Immanuel Naidjala from Namibia has been rated as number 5 at the IBF I/C. Naidjala won the title this year after stopping Kenyan Norfat Emilio in the exciting duel of the year.

The IBF Intercontinental Female Featherweight champion Princess Helen Joseph of Nigeria has been rated at the IBF World ratings number 1. Helen won the tight in the shortest distance ever against Hungarian Marianna Gulyas this early year

Both the IBF World Youth Jr. Middleweight Champions Issa Samir and the IBF World Youth Jr. Lightweight Champions Albinus Felesianu will have to defend their titles to be considered at the ratings.

This is the win win situation and IBF is prepared to bestow honors to those who win its titles in this two pronged paths.

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