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IBF Africa News: Richard Commey; Norfat Emilio

IBF-Champ-1-copyBy Onesmo Alfred – The “IBF Continental Africa Lightweight King” and Ghanaian Richard Commey is going some places. After winning the IBF Africa’s continental crown in March this year, Richard has been restless as many offers have been coming on his way that include fighting for top honors of several boxing organizations. But, Richard has been choosy for his illustrious boxing career by not to embarking on the dead end voyage.

Richard is endeavoring to wrestle for the “Commonwealth Boxing Council (English Empire) lightweight title” arguably one of the oldest and prestigious titles in the world of boxing. Founded in 1954, the “Commonwealth Boxing (English Empire) Boxing Council” or CBC has given rise to many a boxers many of whom went to become champions of the world. These include several African boxers like Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, Lottie Mwale, Ayub Kalule, and many more.

Therefore, Commonwealth boxing titles have been a benchmark (springboard) for many a boxers to launch their world championships bids and nothing can stop Richard from using the same way and emulates his compatriots.

He is therefore scheduled to meet Paul Truscott in July 13 fight in the UK in a final eliminator for the Commonwealth Lightweight title. Richard’s gigantic rise to the position of Commonwealth boxing contender did not happen overnight or came from the Manna but, a hard working and self discipline from the boxer himself and appropriate management skills from his UK based manager Michael Ammo-Bediako. His trainer Carl Lokko is a man of great experiences in boxing and a reliable trainer where Ghanaian boxers seeks training and advices when they are tuning for major international tiles.

This will be one of Richard’s major trials since he clinched the “IBF Continental Africa Lightweight Title” in March and nothing will stop him from ascending to the throne. Richard’s physique and mental capacity is an assert that many boxers would love to possess. He approaches major challenges with simple manners. His dramatic movements and aggressiveness in the ring is what makes him one of the feared boxers in Africa today.

As it is always said, a journey begins with one step. Richard has already made that first step after winning the IBF Continental Africa Lightweight Crown”. The second step will be by winning the final elimination tourney on hand while zeroing for the Empire’s crown. Only time will tell!



The much anticipated rumble in the “Kalahari Desert” between Namibian Prince Immanuel Naidjala and Botswana’s Lesley Seotswe has changed 90 degrees when the later pulled out unexpectedly. According to the Press Release sent to the News Medias by Nestor Tobias, the Namibians boxing promotional Kingpin, Sekotswe chickened out fearing the Prince anticipated onslaught. This has disappointed many boxing fans within Southern African boxing corridors because the rumble was to weight out whom between the two boxing Machismo is the real pound to pound boxer of their weight divisions.

With Lelsley Sekotswe’s dashing out from the rumble in comes the Kenyan based Tanzanian “Hungry Lion” Norfat Emilio who has a tendency of ferocity punches and ring maneuvering. One direction heartthrob “Emilio” styles will take center stage in the full light come July 5, 2013 at the “Windhoek Country Club and Casinos” and nothing will be left to chances this time around.

Prince Naidjala is coming off with the record of 16(10)-0-1 while Norfat Emilion is 21(17)-3(1)-0 making this as one of the much competitive tourneys of the year. Boxing pundits have rated it 5 stars.

Taking place at a time when boxing is doing much better in Namibia, the three minutes, 12 rounder long duel seems to revolve around the 19-year-old Prince Naidjala who bares his rosary flanked torso as one of the much awaited future champions since the days of Sugar Ray Leonard in the 1970s.

The tournament will be promoted by Master Nestor Tobias of Sunshine Boxing Promotion Academy, the Premier boxing outfit in Namibia. Tobias is too sure of the Princes positive results. He talks about redemption and glimmers of lights in the long tunnel. Signs of goodies!

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