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IBF Africa Boxing News Roundup

The most celebrated IBF/Africa’s champion, Francis Cheka of Tanzania, vowed to teach a lesson or two to his arch rival Chimwemwe Chiotcha of the Republic of Malawi in their impending rumble in August to defend his “IBF Continental Africa Super Middleweight Title”.

Francis Cheka is the only IBF/African champion who has defended his title more than all IBF/African champions bypassing the records previously set by the former “IBF Continental Africa Super Middleweight” Champion Joseph “Hungry Lion” Marwa also from Tanzania.

Jose[h “Hungry Lion” Marwa defended his “IBF Continental Africa Super Middleweight Title” two times and it his fight with Sipho Moyo of Zimbabwe which is still remembered as the ;pound for pound tournament in this “Heavens of Peace” nation of Tanzania in 2000!

Francis Cheka won the “IBF Continental Africa title” as a middleweight in 2005 and relinquished it for the lesser titles before recapturing it again in 2011 this time as a “Super Middleweight”. He met Chimwemwe Chiotcha on the Boxing Day last year in the fight that boxing pundits named as the “fight” of the year 2011. Chimwemwe who is the Army Officer in the Republic of Malawi’s Army cried foul after the decision saying that it robbed him the victory.

In a swift rejoinder to his complaints, IBF/Africa has called for a rematch which is expected to take place in the Capital City of Malawi, Blantyre on August 30, 2013 under the promotion of Mawenzi Boxing Promotion a company incorporated in Malawi and managed by Stephen Mawenzi.

Talking to journalists recently, Cheka promised to teach Chimwemwe a lesson or two in his own turf saying that nothing will serve him when they meet. “He can fight me anywhere even at his own turf but, he cannot stop my firepower” said Cheka who is reputed for having the great stamina and straight boxing techniques.

Francis Boniface Cheka was born in the Tanzanian Commercial City of Dar Es Salaam and moved to Morogoro with his family a town about 100 miles outside Dar Es Salaam. Cheka have amassed a lot of boxing experiences throughout his years as a paid rank boxer. He has practically fought every boxer in East, South and Central Africa and there aren’t many boxers in his weight division who are left to challenge him. But, his rematch with the Malawian Army Officer Chimwemwe Chiotcha may change the cause of history in his boxing life.

Chiotcha’s gruesome firepower is likening to that of Sonny Liston as he fires from all directions. He has energy and stamina which are the shortcomings of many boxers fighting Cheka. He uses both styles, Orthodox and South paw and his punches inflicts pains to many a boxers of his category.

It remain to be seeing who between these two finest boxers from East and Southern Africa would emerge a victor but, quoting from the US epic drama of Gone with the Wind “tomorrow is another day”



Zambian flyweight Champion Penthias Chisenga has a life long dream and he is ready to toil in order to realize it. Since childhood growing up in this copper producing nation of Zambia, Penthias had being dreaming to become a boxing champion. His was not just a championship but, the champion of the IBF/Africa. For this young Zambian boxing sensational whose movements in the ring is liken to that of Baby Jake Matlala of South Africa (the four times world champion), it might not be long before he realize his dream!

Penthias Chisenga is scheduled to fight for the “IBF Continental Africa Flyweight Championship” against Issa Omari of Tanzania in August 27, 2013 in Lusaka, the Capital City of Zambia known for its massive copper reserve in the world. The announcement by Anthony “Preacher man” Mwamba, the Managing Director of Exodus Boxing Promotions, a company incorporated in Zambia was like a shocker to this young versatile young man.

Chisenga will be emulating the former Commonwealth (English Empire) Champion and Zambian Albert Musankabala who ruled the flyweight division in the 80s. Albert’s sibling Francis was also the Commonwealth (English Empire) Bantamweight Champion in the 80s. Together with Lottie Male and Chisanda Mutti, they dominated both African and Commonwealth (English Empire) titles for years. Lottie and Mutti went to became world champions in their own rights!

The gigantic rise of Penthias Chisenga to the position of African championship contender did not happen in one day or came from the Manna but, a consecutive efforts both personal and his trainer Anthony Mwamba. Chisenga has demolished several big names in his weight division to the position where he is today and nothing stand on his path as he focus on the task ahead, that is “IBF Continental Africa Flyweight Championships”.

His opponent is a man of modest qualities from the Heavens of Peace (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania) and does not scare him. “Let him come and I will accord him the Zambian hospitality” said Chisenga recently during his training sessions. He went on to say that Omari should bear in mind that nothing come for free that he must pay for the hospitality. The cost according to Chisenga is none less than “severe punishment” from him in front of thousand of his fans in in Lusaka, Zambia August 27, 2013.

The IBF/AFRICA titles have become the wish for many boxers in the African continent as many of them want to have a share of this sweet and delicious pie. Boxing fraternity in Africa has understood and accepted the progression path presented by these IBF/Africa titles and they are scrambling to get them in a great surge!



Few people have the courage to undertake this gigantic comeback after laying low inactive for so long. Few people have the patience to endure what he is been through for so many years. But, Harry “The Terminator” Simon better known as “Hurricane Harry” is no ordinary person who would just give up easily.

Harry was the “champion of the world” for many years and no boxer has ever beat him in his professional boxing career. Coming from the South West African nation of Namibia, Harry Simon epitomizes boxing as the number one sport in Namibia .and supported by people from all walks of life. His tournaments would fill any venue with people of all ages and gender who want to catch a glimpse of this number one sportsman of Namibia. To Harry, “boxing is his life and he live on boxing”!

For years, Harry promoted Namibia as the best destination market by fighting whoever was assigned to him, anywhere any time. To him, no boxer would stand is ferocity and hunger to win. He did it majestically and this made many boxers to chicken away from him fearing his firepower before one incidence that shook the whole nation and the world at large. Harry was involved in the car accident and broke several limbs. The injuries and legal punishment kept him away from the ring for years.

As he deals with his mental and physical anguish, “Hurricane Harry” is finding his way back to the limelight. He is scheduled to meet the Hungarian Journeyman Zoltan Kiss Jr. for a warm up 8 rounder on June 29, 2013. His real major day will be on July 27, 2013 when he is expected to meet a boxer to be named soon for the vacant “IBF vacant International Light Heavyweight” title in July 27, 2013 also in Windhoek, Namibia.

IBF/Africa calls it supports worldwide and all those who love boxing to support Harry Simon in his quest for a comeback. Telekom Namibia has set aside a telephone number 36666 where you can SMS Harry.

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