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Harry Simon to face Geard Ajetovic

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – SATURDAY AUGUST 03, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – For years, former World title holder Namibian Hurricane Harry Simon or “The Terminator” deftly navigated the labyrinth of the Sweet Science, always knocking opponents down without mercy.

Those who tasted his ferocity in the ring have lived to tell the traumatic story of their harrowing beatings in the hands of stone and fury that defy humanely. But, the longevity of the man who have lived above fears and defeats may soon find an exit — after the Serbian born, Geard Ajetovic signed a contract to fight him last week.

With this contract, the MOST celebrated Namibian boxer Hurricane Harry Simon may be in for a trouble as he meet the man from the Eastern Europe with the blood of Slavic and a touch of Tartan that makes many of his men brave warriors.

“The barometer signals a very strong storm” said some boxing pundits who are knowledgeable with the fighting pattern of Hurricane Harry. “He should expect a lot of quake tremors in the ring come September 28, 2013, but Hurricane Harry will overcome the quake” They went on asserting how high are the stakes in the ensuring rumble.

The Serbian Geard Ajetovic aim to capture the IBF Light Heavyweight International Title in addition to his IBF International Super Middleweight Title that he won in May this year. Their September 28, 2013 rumble is scheduled to take place at the Sam Nujoma National Sports Stadium in the outskirt of Windhoek, the Capital City of NAMIBIA.

Hurricane Harry a.k.a “The Terminator” dispatched the Hungarian Journeyman Zoltan Kiss Jr. in the second round of the international non-title tournament which was held at the Windhoek Country Club & Resort Casinos June 29, 2013.

Geard Ajetovic is a Serbian slugger who lives in German under the management of Sahhaydar Aksu and has gained quite a mileage in boxing. He is brutal and canning but, he will meet a man of equal major in Hurricane Harry who has never lose a fight in his illustrious boxing career. The Serbian Ajetovic 23(11)-8-1 won the IBF International Super Middleweight after dispatching Premyslaw Opalach of Poland.

Harry’s manager/promoter Anita Tjombe nicknamed “The Iron lady of Namibian Boxing” is full of hopes and believes that Harry would eventually raise to the occasion and win the title. Ms. Tjombe plan to propel Harry towards the IBF world title and she thinks the fight in September 28, 2013 would be a curtain raiser towards their goal.

The epic battle in September will also witness a defense tournament for the IBF AMEPG Featherweight Champion, King Gottlieb Ndokosho who is slated to meet Paraguayan Feliciano Dario Azuaga. The tournament will be a curtain an undercard to the Harry’s rumble.

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