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Hurricane Harry Simon Is Back!

From 1998 to 2001 Harry Simon better known as “The Terminator” was the undisputed champion of the world who ruled several weight divisions from Middle to Super Middle. Harry’s reputation in the ring was a clean cut boxing enterprises and he had no mercy when it came to defending his title because his bread earner!

Namibians in their thousands respected and loved Harry so as many promoters and boxing managers the world over. His diary was full and sponsors were fighting to sign him in. Harry Simon, “The Terminator” was larger than life in Namibia, a country at the South West Africa!

Then something awful happened! Driving one of his hard earned Mercedes Benz in one of the Namibian busy roads, Harry was involved in a car accident which left a couple of his limbs broken. Lives were lost and as a result it was declared a reckless driven and sent him behind bars! A hero was reduced to a villain and lost all the sponsors, friends and even some relatives!

Boxing loves its prodigal sons. If they are willing to come back and live on the straight and narrow, boxing opens its loving arms and wraps them up tightly, giving them a sense of hope and direction.

Hurricane Harry is BACK and back he is! He is back to reclaim what he lost and whoever stand on his way would have to answer to his hard punches.

Harry is luck, so luck that several boxing organizations still want him on their list of champions. He is line up to meet the Hungarian Journeyman Zoltan Kiss Jr. and those who know Harry are praying for this Hungarians slugger. They are praying because he would be answering for all his misfortunes.

This is just a warm up fights for Harry is slated for bigger fights. On August 31st, 2013 Hurricane Harry would fight for the “IBF International Light heavyweight Title”. Many boxing fans in Namibia and beyond believe that this title would revive Harry’s lost fortunes.

The Rumble on June 29 will be held at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casinos and promoted by Kinda Boxing Promotions. It is at this venue where Hurricane Harry would rewrite his history as the Prodigal Son who is fighting his way HOME!