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Harry Simon Fought For Namibia And Now He Is Appealing To Namibia To Fight For Him

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – WEDNESDAY 24 JULY, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – He helped to put Namibian then South West African nation on the map of the world in his years as the boxing Champion of the world and made huge contributions towards Namibian tourism sector. As a young nation and as boxing resonate his name as the champion of the world, more tourists flocked to Namibia contributing towards her economic development. He is really a beloved son of Namibia, the Nation which got its independence on March 20th 1990.

Before independence, Namibians were a group of many different tribes separated by language barriers. The language the South African government required Namibians to learn was Afrikaans. When Southwest Africa became Namibia, the official language changed to English, and the country made sweeping efforts to ensure its citizens had a command of the language, Harry Simon was there to take its fag and promote this great nation to the international scene.

He fought major boxing battles to promote his young country and now Harry Simon better known as Hurricane Harry or Terminator is calling all Namibians regardless of gender and age for their help! He is preparing to fight in the major international boxing title sanctioned by the top sanction body in the world, the International Boxing Federation (IBF). Hurricane Harry is the name that is synonymous with Namibians. The mere mentioning of his name in Namibian calls for celebrations. People from all walks of life want to identify with Harry Simon.

As a prodigal son, Harry Simon has come back to the boxing scene strongly because boxing loves its prodigal sons. If they are willing to come back and live on the straight and narrow, boxing opens its loving arms and wraps them up tightly, giving them a sense of hope and direction. This is how it has worked for Harry Simon a.k.a Hurricane Harry or “The Terminator”.

To realize his dream, Harry need to make his life better and he is calling for the Namibians including his government to help him to realize his dreams. This is not so much to ask for a man who lived all his life fighting for this young South West African nation of Namibia. It is only natural that Namibian should help Harry Simon in consideration of his life long promotion of this great nation.

In September 7, 2013 Harry Simon will meet a boxer who will be named soon for the “IBF International Light Heavyweight title”. It is the fight that Namibian of all walks of life have been waiting for and it will take place at the “Hage Geingob Stadium” in the outskirt of Windhoek, Namibia.

For Harry, nothing is better than capturing the vacant “IBF International Light Heavyweight Title” because it would redeem his lost fortunes after many years outside boxing. He is prepared to go to extra miles in order for this tournament to take place and so he is appealing to Namibian individuals, companies and the government to support his greater CAUSE!

After fighting to develop and promote his country’s boxing and tourism industry for so long and brought a lot of honors and several world championship belts, which in return promoted Namibia on the international scene, the question in the mind of millions of boxing fans is; would Namibia come to the rescue of its beloved son Harry Simon???

The answer to this one billion dollars question would be provided by the government of Namibia, Namibians from all walks of life, organizations and companies respectively.

NAMIBIA, Don’t forsake your champion Harry Simon as he lived all his life fighting for YOU and NOW he is only asking for your HELP!

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