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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – SUNDAY 7 JULY, 2013 DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – It was supposed to be the battle of the young Turks but, as it turned out it became the “Emilio’s Battle to save his life”. Boxing Pundits and Betting Houses alike were at pains to predict the winner before the duel, and when it began, the explosive rumble turned to be one sided epic battle for “Prince Immanuel Naidjala” chasing his opponent throughout the ring. Although Emilio started the fight by springing from his corner like the Maasai’s arrow but alas! He did not know what was in store for him!

Emilio is on the ring canvas for the fifth time as Referee comforted him

It would take a long time for boxing stakeholders to digest the outcome of this epic Rumble which was obviously the much awaited boxing tournament in South West Africa.

Emilio’s apocalypse moment seemed apparent from round two when he was sent packing to the ring canvas for the eight count after running into a hard right from Prince Naidjala. At first he wanted to shove him with body punches and as he threw his bullet to Naidjala’s body he opened his guard wide hence Naidjala hard right to his temple.

Round three saw Naidjala peppering Emilio with his customary body punches and every punch that landed had a great effect to Emilio who kept running and sometimes clinching the Prince to slow him down in futility. Naidjala’s left hook sent Emilio to the floor for the second and third times in round four and five.

In round seven Emilio again run into the Prince’s uppercut and spinning around like a ball before hitting the canvas for the fourth time. The large crowd at the Windhoek Country Club Resorts and Casino’s auditorium was shouting and screaming loud for Emilio’s head. “Kill him, kill him, kill him” and so they called for the Prince to settle it once and for all!!

It was all over in round 8 as Emilio went down like a dry leaf falling from the Baobab tree after running again into the Prince’s hard right that hit his temple. This was too many a times for him to fall but when he his neck on the ring canvas. Referee Timo Haikonda of Namibia encouraged him to lay still (as the enclosed photograph shows).

It is up to the boxing pundits to describe the fight the way they want but, nobody can change the fast that Prince Immanuel Naidjala of the Republic of Namibia is the “New IBF International Bantamweight Champion” in his own rights!

Congratulations Immanuel Naidjala a.k.a Prince for your glorious International Title. IBF/Africa is proud of you. The whole world is proud of you.

Congratulations Nestor Tobias the Namibians boxing Guru for making boxing the “number one sport” in Namibia.

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