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Hitz Boxing surpasses 5 million views on YouTube

Chicago, IL, Thursday, May 9, 2013–This week “Hitz Boxing,” the online actuality show produced by Bobby Hitz and Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez, has surpassed 5 million cumulative views on YouTube, since it launched in August of last year. The show, which gives viewers behind the scenes access to Hitz’s life as a boxing promoter, stars him, Rodriguez and Renee Tedesco, who serves as the chief operating officer of the boxing operation. Episodes can be found on YouTube or

“When we started this show last year I knew that it could attract a decent following, but we had no idea it would be as successful as it is,” said Hitz. “This show is not about boxing, its about the lives of the people who work in this industry. Its great sharing our stories.”

Hitz and Rodriguez call “Hitz Boxing” an “actuality show” as opposed to a reality show because its not staged like many reality shows. Whether its following the cast around on fight night and on other boxing related business or spending personal time with them at birthday parties or school plays, “Hitz Boxing” gives the viewers full access. After 17 episodes the show is averaging just over 300,000 views per installment.

“This is a peak into the lives of normal people who working in an industry they love and are trying to make a living like everyone else. That is why it is so popular,” said Rodriguez. “The world of boxing is chaotic and fun. Its like ‘Rocky’ meets ‘Jersey Shore.'”

In addition to Hitz, Rodriguez and Tedesco, viewers meet numerous consultants, managers, commissioners, trainers, ring card girls, sponsors and boxers including Frank Scalise, Dimar Ortuz, Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez and Simon Buettner.

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