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Hernandez-Harrison vs Lewis live on

Tonight, starting at 7:30 pm EST / 4:30 pm PST, at the Dover Downs in Dover, DE LIVE WORLDWIDE on, 19 year old Dusty Hernandez-Harrison steps in the ring for the 19th time to defend his undefeated record against Marlon Lewis (6-2-2).

The build up to this encounter started on social media, a popular way to call out potential opponents, but will end tonight in the ring LIVE on “We had fought on a card together in the past and I guess it was a fight that he always wanted. We didn’t really have Marlon on our radar but after all the stuff he said about me on social media, my Dad called our matchmaker and asked him to make the fight” explained Hernandez-Harrison.

For Lewis this is a fight he believes he can surprise a lot of people and put himself on a bigger stage. “I really see an opportunity of me getting a victory” said Lewis. With a victory tonight he also believes going on the bigger stage can and will open doors for him in boxing. “A win here could open doors for me to fight in all different places like NYC, Vegas, or LA. A victory will also give me the opportunities to fight on a bigger stage.”

Hernandez-Harrison also see benefits to this showdown. “He has a good record and he has never been stopped. I think it would be quite a feather in cap so to say if I could be the first to stop him.” Even though he would would love to be the 1st man to stop Lewis he won’t let that distract him from his gameplan. “My game plan is to feel him out in the first round and then go from there” says Hernandez-Harrison.

“I just want to put on a great performance for the fans, I never look for the knockout but if it comes that would be great. The most important thing is getting the win. I have a lot of people coming up from DC to watch the fight. Probably 300 or so. Plus all of the fans in Dover who have been so supportive of me over the past year and I just want to make sure they leave happy. Without my fans I wouldn’t be where I am today” further elaborated Hernandez-Harrison.

Lewis balked at Hernandez-Harrison having a hometown esque advantage. “That doesn’t bother me at all” said Lewis. Lewis feels he can take advantage of some flaws he has seen watching tape of Hernandez-Harrison. “He holds his hands down a lot and he has trouble cutting of the ring.” Lewis also feel he can combat some of the thing Hernandez-Harrison excels at. “He is a great counter puncher but I have ways around that by consistently working the jab.

For those unfamiliar with Lewis he explains what to expect from him tonight. “They can expect a lot of jabs, lead right hands, and defense.” He compares his jab to Jermaine Taylor, his defense to Winky Wright and his footwork to Zab Judah.

We may not know what the outcome will be until the final bell sounds, but one thing is for sure we can expect fireworks. With both men seeing tons of opportunity in their future with a win here it is safe to say they will both put their blood, sweat, and tears into their performance to ensure victory.

You can watch this exciting match up as well as Edgar Santana vs Michael Clark, Omar Douglas vs, Jean Javier Santelo, Mike Tiberi and undefeated prospects Lamont Singletary, Alex Guerrero & John Bowman in separate bout LIVE WORLDWIDE on

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