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Harry Simon TKOs Kiss in Round 2, Results from Namibia

Egyptian Mummy Mask. Hungarian large entourage. And a packed auditorium ever seen in Namibia. for years. In a caper worthy of Hollywood, or at least Nollywood, the most awaited rumble in the Kalahari Desert between Harry Simon v. Zoltan Kiss Jr. on the one hand and King Gottlieb Ndokosho v. Butcher Ibrahim Mostafa on the other hand lived to its expectations as thousands of cheering Namibian boxing spectators were treated to the sizzling fireworks from the four boxing luminaries.


It was KING Gottlieb Ndokosho the reigning “IBF Africa Middle East & Persian Gulf (IBF AMEPG)” champion who started the night of championship fights when he humiliated Ibrahim Mostafa a.k.a “The Butcher” from Cairo, Egypt by knocking him out in the 0.54 seconds of the third round and retained his glorious title of “IBF AMEPF Featherweight”.

Mostafa akin with the pressure awaiting him in front of the packed Windhoek Country Club Resorts and Casinos auditorium entered the ring wearing one of famous Egyptian’s Mummy Masks and in red color a sign that was interpreted as intimidation to the King. No sooner as he would found out why Ndokosho is called the “King of Kalahari Desert” as the tournament progressed.

After their National Anthems both combatants entered the ring to showcase their mastery of the boxing game and it was the Butcher who showed menacing movements akin to intimidate the King. He shuffled while using his telling jabs as a southpaw styled boxer that seems to give the King trouble. The Butcher took early lead in the first round by showering the King with pepper jabs and body punches that visibly showed that they were disturbing the King.

Towards the end of round one the King caught the Butcher with body punches that crashed to his rib cage like some of those punches found in the “Rocky III” movie between actor Sylvester Stallone and the Russian opponent. It was really a time in the ring for the King and the Butcher was really hurt. The King then connected with a major straight punch to the Butcher’s head that sent him packing to the ring canvass.

As the bell rang signaling the end of round one, and the Butchers retired to his corner he was heard saying to his trainer that “the King’s hands were like hot nails ripping through his ribs cage”! Oh, the Butcher was in trouble, totally disorganized. He realized that he was not fighting a normal boxer but the King of the IBF AMEPG title.

Round two was a thorough move by the King as he started the round a different man altogether. Something might have happened during the resting time and it seems that the King used the time to reorganize himself properly. The King and his trainer might have gone back to the drawing board and this was a misery for the Butcher.

King Ndokosho came out spitting fireworks and shuffling like the Dragon looking for its prey. He showed no mercy at all to the Butcher as he went straight to him with a huge right to the Butcher’s head and a couple of hard punches to smash his rib cage. Mostafa squeezed every time when the King landed his punches. He was busy slowing down the King by holding but it was futile as the king kept on raining punches on his body and head! If it was not for the bell, the Mostafa was a done deal in round two!

The Butcher entered round three like a wondered Buffalo and he jump at every sign of the King throwing a punch. He was reduced to a punching bag and went around the ring running from the King’s punches.

0.54 seconds of round 3 the King pinned the Butchers to the rope and pummeled him with his fiercest punches ever seeing by the Namibian boxing fans for a long time. He climbed the Butcher’s body like a surgeon looking for the right place to cut and the Butcher bent his whole body thinking that he was hiding from them punches like an Ostrich hiding its head in the sand thinking that its whole body is hidden!

Alas! King Ndokosho pumped his fiercest punches of the year and as the spectators cried loud with kill him, kill him, kill him and it was all over in 0.54.44 of round three! The referee intervened to save the Butcher’s life by shielding him from the King with both hands so that he wouldn’t drop as the King was carried high with songs of the warrior coming back from the war!


The Hungarian Journeyman slugger would have to consider very seriously his retirement from boxing if he ever meets the like of Hurricane Harry again. It was supposed to be the major boxing tournament as both boxers have been doing rounds in town urging people to come in thousands to witness one of the major fights of the year. And come they did in thousands to the point that many were turned away fearing stampede in the auditorium.

Hurricane Harry is like a religion in Namibian and the mere mentioning of his name ignites romping cheers that could be heard miles away. Namibian from all walks of life loves, adores, admires and reveres Harry Simon a.k.a Hurricane Harry or “The Terminator”

It was the Hungarian journeyman who first entered the ring accompanied by a large entourage from Hungary and UK an interpretation that he wanted to intimidate the Namibian boxing fans but their efforts met with the thundering yelling of Harry, Harry, Harry as the ring announcer called him to enter the ring. Hurricane Harry entered the boxing auditorium majestically as would most Kings of boxing and he was met with thundering applauses that ended long after he was seated in his corner.

As he was being given instructions by his trainer, the Hungarian was doing rounds showcasing his menacing looks to that of humble and God fearing Hurricane Harry’s!

It was the Hungarian journeyman who went straight to Harry when the referee beckoned them to start round one. He connected several straight jabs but Harry kept his cool by paring them and bobbing under. The Hungarian used the batter half of round one by throwing a couple of both body punches and telling jabs.

Half way in round one Hurricane Harry caught the Hungarian Journeyman with a couple of body shots the rocked his body. From the way he reacted, the Hungarian Journeyman was in trouble and Harry realizing that he was hurting him kept the pressure by throwing more punches. The Hall erupted in Harry, Harry, Harry as he kept on punishing the Hungarian slugger. Harry wanted to end the fight if not for the bell which saved the occasion.

Nobody could hear anything beyond the thousand thunderous cheers from the packed crowd in the auditorium. People were yelling, women were blowing kisses in the air a sign of love and acceptance.

Harry came from his corner in round two like a really “Terminator” who had no mercy to its prey. He went in with a couple of body punches and combinations which exposed the Hungarian head wide open. Harry seized the moment by hauling two straight rights to the Hungarian journeyman and sent him down for the 8 counts.

It was Harry and his punches that people were watching as he ripped the Hungarian with the combination of punches that climbed his body like thousand ants. The Hungarian was busy holding Harry unsuccessfully as he was sent down the second time with his eyes rolling up! The impact of the fall was so great that he nearly broke his back. He collected himself as the referee reached count 5 and vowed to continue with the rumble.

Harry’s fantastic ring works and his mathematic punches were doing great harm to the Hungarian. He pumped a couple of lethal punches to the Hungarian body and caught him with the huge head punch that sent him aimlessly to the rope. He connected with a couple of punches which forced referee Timo Haikonda of Namibia to save the Hungarian life. By the time he was saved he was still, hiding his head confusing the referee with Hurricane Harry.

It was all over, all over and Harry Simon fulfilled his promise to the Namibians that he wouldn’t disappoint them. The thunderous cheers from the fans was a sign of love and appreciation to Hurricane Harry, “The Terminator”

Namibians will live to tell what happened at Windhoek Country Club and Casinos on June 29, 2013 for years to come. The whole world will tell and appreciate Harry’s redemption as he consolidates his position to campaign for the “IBF International Light Heavyweight Title in August 31, 2013 in Windhoek”, Namibia!

As a prodigal son, boxing truly opened its loving arms and wraps them up tightly, giving Harry a sense of hope and direction. “Hurricane Harry has finally come back home to roost”

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