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Ghanian Lawson And Georgian Ungiadze Mamo-A-MANO

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – FRIDAY 19, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – They strode in the room like lions ambling what their preys would look like and when they finally sat down ready for the roll call, the audience had seen enough of their great physique fitness. Accompanied by their jubilant supporters who were signing and praising their names, the two young sluggers were at home with the environment.

This was a roll call at the weigh-in ceremony which would determine if any of the envious opponents would reach the scale limit and make the weight for the rumble. Even at this foreign land, for the Georgian he managed to find several supporters from Eastern Europe. The Chinese were there and so as couple of Russians, Ukrainians and of course Georgians to name but few.

In a sequence to accommodate the foreign boxer and make him feel at home, the Georgian was the first to be called to the weighing machine and hit the 147 lbs. limit for the Welterweight. The Ghanian recollected himself with the shouting and encouragement of the home crowd and him too hit the 143 lbs. Welterweight limit. The dagger was finally forged after the weigh-in session.

As it was left to the photo session, the two gladiators faced each other. Frederick Lawson, the IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King and IBF I/C number 5 rated stood Mano-a-mano with the George Ungiladze for the first time.

The two looked viciously to intimidate one another for their looming rumble tomorrow which many boxing pundits have rated it a 4 stars rumble. This is it and both boxers knows that the time has finally come to show the whole world that they are ready to forge on ahead with their boxing careers and in the pursuit for more titles.

This is the day that Ghanaian boxing fraternity was waiting for and this really has signified that the young Frederick Lawson who represented the country to the 2008 Beijing Olympics has finally “Come of Age”

It is the festive time for Ghana as it will witness yet again one of its beloved son fighting for the honors on behalf of this Gold and Oil producing West African Nation of over 20 million populations.

In their subsequent Press Conference, both boxers promised fireworks come tomorrow and nothing would be left to chances as they put their boxing skills at play. It is the finest day from Ghana and why not?

Frederick Lawson with a record of 20-0-0 against George Ungiladze;s 28-4-0-0 will use their boxing skills to win this anticipated exciting rumble. With the recent ratings as the IBF I/C number #5, Lawson’s demeanor has been quite thorough. He needs to waste no time to finish this one and concentrate on the promising careers in the USA. Many a boxing promoters as well a TV networks are cramming to his already busy schedule to get his attention.

Lawson, a boxer to watch and he would stop at nothing to get what he wants. Under Alhaj Enusa Sally, th managing Director of the Enusa Business Group as the manager and promoter Lawson’s future is secured. Alhaj Enusa has promised to take Lawson to the pinnacles of boxing and he has the means and passion to fulfill his goals.

The USA based Joseph Awinongya is the one trainer which is waiting for Lawson to set foot in the USA so that he can shape him for an odious task awaiting him the lucrative US boxing industry.

Together with the up and coming Alex Ntiamoah-Boakye, CEO/ Promoter of BOX OFFICE SPORTS LIMITED, Lawson’s matriculate rise in the boxing industry is expected to meet no challenge at all.

But, first thing first, tomorrow July 20, 2013 at the Jubilee Pool House, near Club House in Accra, Frederick Lawson will meet his equal in George Ungiladze from the Republic of Georgia for the IBF International Welterweight Title.

The climactic chapter of this story is about to be written. WHO will capture the “IBF vacant International Welterweight Title” up for grab? Will it be the handsomely Lawson or the Georgian Strongman George Ungialdze?

The winner of this biggest and most powerful boxing title in the world would reveal the true colors of boxing fraternity in Africa as the two sluggers right now are stepping across the line that will soon divide the new from the old order.

Come tomorrow July 20, 2013, the whole world would reverberates to the news that between the two young Turks, there is a true “IBF International Welterweight King” to rule the division unchallenged for the next 9 months!

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