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George Ungiadze arrives in Ghana, ready for Lawson

The Georgian Strongman George Ungiadze has arrived in Ghana with mountains confidence and promised to obliterate Frederick Lawson. Exuding confidence, the Macho Georgian gladiator talked as he shoved journalists aside who were meeting his arrival at the Kutoka International Airport in the outskirt of Accra, Ghana.

Accompanied by his manager/trainer Daviti Davitiani, the Georgian strongman showed no sign of jetlag as most people travelling long journey would show. After the plane carrying him touched the ground he immediately went straight to the gym to work out after checking in the hotel.

The exuding of confidences add more fuel to the fire as Ghanaians await the rumble of the two young Turks for the IBF International Welterweight Title over the weekend.

In an astounded scene to those who were watching his work out, he punched the boxing bag so hard as if he wanted to tear it apart ostensibly to send the clear message to his nemeses for their July 20, 2013 rumble.

The arrival of the Georgian Strongman Ungiladze is anticlimax in the process that saw three other opponents of Lawson chickened out citing illness and other reasons beyond their control. But, now the rumble is some hours away where these two lads would meet and square it out.

As time keep flying fast, Medicine men and Juju magic papas in Accra are busy making rounds predicting apocalypse for the Georgian slugger in the hands of the Ghanian handsomely IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King Frederick Lawson who is rated by the IBF I/C at number #5 respectively!

Welcome to Africa George Ungiladze. Africa has away to welcome those who are fighting for honors by preparing the proper arena for them. Feel at home Georgian strongman!

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