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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – SATURDAY 13, JULY, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – The much awaited vacant “IBF International Welterweight” title between the “IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King” Frederick Lawson and the Georgian Strongman George Ungiadze will take place at the Accra National Sports Stadium July 20, 2013.

Several opponents for the IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King Frederick Lawson chickened out before the courageous Georgian strongman emerged to face him. First on the list was the Burkinabe Patrice Sou Toke who called sick at the last minutes having sensing defeat in the hands of the Ghanaian hard hit hitting handsomely Lawson.

Marvelous Lawson being Crowned as the African Welterweight “King”

Various other opponents were floated out but none was courageous enough to face the “IBF Continental Africa Welterweight King” who commanded great respects at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games for having put up an enormous boxing show.

Lawson’s accelerating punching power and amazing footwork will meet the fastest combinations machine from the Georgian who takes no time to dispose his opponents. Ungiadze’s superb boxing physique has prompted Team Lawson to rush back to the drawing board to strategize how to face this new onslaught for the Eastern Europe.

Boxing pundits are busy drawing comparisons of the two while betting houses are on the rush selling tickets as never before. Ghanaians boxing fraternity is engulfed with the discussions about the tourney as they form small groups of ten every evening.

photo Valery Brazhnik vs George Ungiadze

George Ungiadze(right) exchanging blows with Valery Brazhnik (left)

Georgians on the other hands are keenly aware of the fact that one of their beloved sons George is facing the man from the great African continent and have resorted to sending letters and best wishes to the TV and radio stations as well as newspapers all over the country. Various print and electronic media houses are cashing on the looming battle of the young Turks.

It remains to be seeing who between Frederick Lawson 20(19)-0-0 and George Ungiadze 22(10)-14(3)-0 will emerge the winner of this epic battle of the year.

When all is said and done and the judges have given their verdicts (would it go that far?)? The answer to this one billion dollars question will have to wait until the end of June, when the duo meets in the Ghanaian Capital City of Accra.

Putting it clearly late last night, Alhaj Enusa Sally the Managing Director of Enusa Company Limited and Lawson’s manager and promoter said “Please kindly note that everything is on course”.

Alhaj Enusa with the US based trainer Joseph Awiningyo believes that this would be the greatest test to their boxer.

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