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Emmanuel Tagoe is the perfect product of IBF/Africa

He pretend to be falling down mid game and if the opponent is not careful, this is it, as he would be lured into his dragonet and catch massive fires. This play game has made him as the most talked about and loved to watch boxer Ghana has ever had for years.

Emmanuel Tagoe better known as “Game Boy” is the perfect product of IBF/Africa who is now shaping up to face the Puerto Rican Robert Robles in their forthcoming rumble in August 6, 2013. Tagoe is fun to watch in the ring and those familiar with his fighting pattern knows of a man who cherishes boxing with deep passion.

As he battled Gerardo Robles at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, Cabazon, California on August 9, 2013 one thing will be in his mind and that is the new environment that he has entered into, the American lucrative boxing market. To Emmanuel Tagoe, the US is the Mecca of boxing as he had always dreamed of fighting there. He is well prepared, come rain, come sun he would prevail, God willing!

In 2011, Emmanuel Tagoe battled Oscar Bravo from Argentina to claim the IBF I/C Featherweight Title and prevailed after humiliating Bravo’s Samba Dance in round 8. Together with another Ghanaian Joshua Okine, the duo managed marshal the path for IBF titles in Ghana by emulating their compatriots before them.

Tagoe’s matriculated rise in professional boxing owe it to his great support from various boxing stakeholders one who cannot be forgotten is GoldenMike Boxing Promotion Syndicate and Golden Concept the company owned and managed by Henry Manly-Spain and Michael Tetteh. The company promoted and managed Tagoe to various titles before he joined BabyJet Promotions in the present promotional setting.

Emmanuel Tagoe is the perfect product of IBF/Africa’s program to elevate African boxers by guiding them through IBF rating system. He is aggressive boxer with major dreams for greater heights in his boxing career.

Now that the US boxing industry is about to witness and enjoy the “Game Boy” at play, Tagoe will be putting all his cards on the table for the major promoters and tv networks to see.

Whatever the case, Tagoe has made it to the lucrative US boxing market and it us up to him to showcase his boxing skills while “Playing his skillful Games in the Ring”

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