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Elite Heat’s Amateurs Dominate At Adidas Cup

Elite Heat Boxing of Newark, NJ continued its dominating ways this past weekend as 12 of the top amateur boxers in the country traveled to Quebec to participate in the Adidas Cup. Under the tutelage of renowned trainer and former boxing champion Buddy McGirt and coaches Charles Johnson, Bernard Hackett, Robinson Velez and Muhammad Salaam Elite Heat’s boxers won 27 out of 31bouts they participated in.

Winning is nothing new to the boxers ranging from ages 9-18, as more than a handful of their roster are multiple time golden glove, ringside and national world champions.

Elite’s roster is as follows:

· Zahir Salaam- 9 years old; 70 lb. champion (2012 Adidas National Champion)

· Jahlil Hackett- 10 years old; 80 lbs. 3rd place (2012 Title National Champion)

· Vito Mielnicki- 11 years old; 75 lbs. champion (2 time Jr. Golden Glove National Champion- 2011 and 2012, 2012 Ringside World Champion, 2011 Title National Champion)

· Zyaad Hassan- 11 years old; 85 lbs. champion

· Malik Nelson- 12 years old; 75 lbs. champion (2012 Jr. Golden Glove National Champion, 2012 Ringside World Champion, 2013 Silver Glove National Champion)

· Kavon Robertson- 12 years old; 85 lbs. champion (2011 PAL National Champion, 2012 Ringside World Champion)

· Oscar Lopez- 13 years old; 101 lbs. 2nd place

· Steven Rameriz- 13 years old; 106 lbs. 2nd place

· Jeremy Saldana- 15 years old; 141 lbs. champion

· Mudah Salaam- 15 years old; 132 lbs. 3rd place (2012 Silver Glove National Champion)

· Jeffrey Rodriguez- 15 years old; 152 lbs. champion

· Jonel Larenzo- 19-years old; 132 lbs. champion

Going into this national tournament, the majority of Elite’s boxer had to fight up in weight and age, and still were able to dominate and go to work as they have been over the past few years. The entire roster of the top amateurs displayed their technical and sound boxing skills, unrelenting power, and the ability to outbox the competition.

Elite Heat’s boxing programs focus on building the best from the ground up and is supported by GH3 Promotions and GCP Promotions.

To stay active and continue their winning ways, Elite Heat’s team will be traveling to Washington D.C. on May 18 to face some of the top amateurs the area has to offer.

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