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Decorated Cincinnati Amateur signs management deal

5- Time Silver Glove and 4-Time Golden Glove champion, Artrimus Sartor has signed an exclusive management deal with Houston, Texas based Rafael Ochoa of O.Z. Productions. The Cincinnati born amateur currently training in Houston, Texas feels very excited about the agreement and his upcoming professional debut; “Me and Ralph go back a ways and I trust him to go out there and look out for my interest. I feel comfortable working with the direction we are going.” said Sartor.

Sartor who is schedule to make his pro debut this spring feels that he is more than ready. “I think I have proven that I am ready for the big stage. My skill has done nothing but grown with me sparring some of the best fighters at Savannah’s Gym, and holding my own against some of the best pro fighters that train there.”

Rafael Ochoa of O.Z. Productions stated that he looks forward to building Sartor career. “Trim (Artrimus) looks great in the ring sparring and is doing quite well with training camp in preparation for his debut real soon. From what we are seeing we are all very excited. We hope to have him very busy in 2014.”
Attached is a photo of Sartor

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