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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – WEDNESDAY 17, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – Zambia, a small country in Southern Africa neighboring Tanzania and DRC to its to its north, Angola to its west, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana to its South and Malawi to its East is on the process to create other Lottie Mwales.

Chisanda Mutti Image – Boxing Image – FightsRec.
Lottie Male and Chisanda Mutti

The country was one of the boxing powerhouses in Africa in the 1970s with several international and world champions to beat. Of all the boxers, the name of Lottie Mwale is the revered name that would be remembered by Zambians from all walks of life for many years to come.

IBF/AFRICA made its inroad to Zambia early in the 2000s when Captain Austin Chewe, the prominent Army Officer promoted two high flying IBF Continental Africa Titles against Evans Chisanga of Zambia vs. Davis Kiilu from Kenya for the IBF Continental Africa Featherweight Title and Anthony Mwamba of Zambia vs. Ugandan Deo Wanana for the IBF Continental Africa Welterweight Title respectively.

Evans Chisanga went on to win the Featherweight Title against David Kiilu while Deo Wanana captured the Welterweight Title against Anthony Mwamba respectively.

With these two titles, Zambia was back to the international boxing stage and stood at the same level with Tanzania and South Africa home to several IBF regional and world champions.

Francis Zulu (left) and Joseph Chingangu (Right) with Promoter Anthony Mwamba (in the Middle)

With the looming battle between Zambian boxing machismos Joseph Chingangu and Francis Zulu fighting for the Africa’s “Big Apple” the IBF Continental Africa Heavyweight Title, Zambia is reclaiming its stardom in the professional boxing. The fight of these two rivals in the Zambian boxing fraternity would be supported by the IBF Continental Africa Jr. Bantamweight Title between Zambian Penthias Chisenga against Issa Omari from Tanzania.

Zambians from all walks of life are talking about these two titles which seem to rekindle the memories of the two greatest Zambian boxing rivals Lottie Mwale and Chisanda Mutti.

The country known for its massive copper reserves in the world is rejuvenating its economy under the strongman H.E Michael Sata and the country would like to use its boxing stars to properly promote the image of Zambia internationally. This will also be great opportunity for the country to promote its tourism through ‘IBF Sports Tourism’ program.

Boxing pundits have rated this tournament a 3 stars battle and nothing is been left to chances as the boxers involved prepares properly. Both Chingangu and Zulu have camped outside Lusaka the Capital City for Zambia and secluded themselves from the luxury lives while Penthias Chisenga has taken a refuge in South Africa shaping up for this impending battle.

The tournament will determine the fate of Zambia to the international boxing stage while the country fights to regain its leading role in the region.

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