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Clemente Russo adds star quality to APB Roster

In a fan-generated interview published on the AIBA website Russo talks about his desire to compete in APB, and why it offers security to boxers in an otherwise murky professional scene:

“AIBA Pro Boxing appeared to be an excellent solution to me. I find that it provides benefits in three areas: you retain your Olympic eligibility, you get an economic security and you realize your dream of Pro Boxing!”

He also talks about his desire to fight Vladimir Klitschko, suggesting that he would have the speed to beat the champ.

“Currently we fight in different weight divisions, […] but boxers like Klitschko, who compete in the Super Heavyweight division, have a really slow boxing style compared to me. This is why I am quite confident about my chances in such a fight. ”

The Italian star also discusses his hopes to return to the big screen once his boxing days are done. For the full interview visit the AIBA website:

Today APB have unveiled yet another world class boxer to its fans. ( The surprise 2011 World Silver medalist will be interviewed via APB’s facebook based “fan sourcing” between June 3rd and 6th.

APB’s “Boxer of the Week” campaign was launched on May 13th. It is designed to unveil the entire APB boxers’ roster athlete by athlete.

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