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Bradley Saunders Interview

Fighting at the MEN Arena on November 30th, undefeated North East boxing star Bradley Saunders takes time out to talk about his next opponent, Peter McDonagh.

Peter McDonagh is ranked 20 places above you with 10 years experience as a pro, would you say this is a risky fight in this stage of your career?

Bradley Saunders: “Not really he’s a good boxer but so am I. I think it’s the right fight at the right time. I’ll just do as I’m told, ha!”

Your opponent has been involved in some highly respected fights such as the battle for the Light Welterweight Southern Area Title against Lee Purdy in 2009, does this fuel your determination to succeed or does it cause you to give respect and be wary of your skilled rival instead?

Bradley Saunders: “It fuels me knowing that I’m in there with a better opponent. I’ve always boxed top lads and I fight better doing so.”

Darren Hamilton is the current Welterweight British Champion and the last boxer to stop McDonagh, would stopping your opponent within 8 rounds be a big statement towards the title holder?

Bradley Saunders: “I’m not going out to stop anyone really, fighting someone like McDonagh in only my 5th pro fight speaks for itself I think.”

How have you trained for this fight and have you done anything differently to prepare for the jump in class of opponent?

Bradley Saunders: “Trained hard as I always do. I train with Ronnie Brown in Birmingham and Peter Cope in Hartlepool. The training is going well and I am learning fast.”

Ranked 41/131 in Britain, you have climbed over 50 ranks In less than 10 months, do you feel that turning pro later has made you determined to achieve glories faster?

Bradley Saunders: “I’ve always been a determined person and it looks like I am starting to make my mark already. Doing it quicker than I expected really.”

Being faced with a top 20 ranked boxer within your first year as a pro, how would you react to facing a top 10 boxer in your next fight?

Bradley Saunders: “Yes defo. But what people need to remember is that I am a Light Welter not a Welter so whoever I got to fight I will.”

The Welterweight scene is where the talent is at with some big names such as Amir Khan and undefeated Kell Brook, who would you like to fight next?

Bradley Saunders: “I’m a light welter so any 1 in the top 15, Darren Hamilton, Ashley Theophane, Curtis Woodhouse, Lenny Daws and so on.”

What would you like to have achieved by this time next year?

Bradley Saunders: “In 2013 I’d like to fight for some sort of title to make all the years of hard work worthwhile.”


How will you celebrate or relax after this fight and all of the hard work you have put in this year?
Bradley Saunders: “Will celebrate by having a good Christmas with my little lad and might chuck a holiday in for me and Stephanie too!”

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