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Billionaire Alki David Offers 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather $5,000,000 each to settle Their Grudge in the ring

The Eccentric Billionaire Alki David and Partner Celebrity Boxing Owner Damon Feldman have offered Boxing Superstar Floyd Mayweather and Ex Friend Rapper 50 Cent a $5 Million Dollar PayDay each to settle Their match in a 3 round Celebrity Boxing match. David says the match will show Live on and wants to see if Floyd and 50 will step to the plate and Battle it out in a Boxing match! The match will be 3-2minute rounds with Headgear and the Big Celebrity Boxing Gloves. 50 has been Boxing for years and has a sizeable difference over Floyd but it equals out with Floyd’s experience says Alki. Alki David is most recently known for offering Chris Brown and Drake $5 Million each to settle their Grudge but Drake pulled out of the potential match. The 50 vs Floyd match would be shown live on or

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