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Sakio Bika – Anthony Dirrell Final Presser Quotes

SAKIO BIKA, WBC Super Middleweight Champion

“He ran around the first fight and I should have won. It’s nothing new for me to fight in the States and I just have to go there and knock him out so there’s no need for a judges’ decision. “I don’t need to sit here and talk much. He’s doing enough of that for the both of us. We’ll see who’s doing the talking after I get through with him on Saturday night.”

ANTHONY DIRRELL, Undefeated Super Middleweight Contender

“I’m definitely ready to fight. If I wasn’t I sure couldn’t make it happen in two days. I’m basically going to stick to my game plan from the first fight, but with a few tweaks. I want to leave nothing to chance.

“It’s been nine months since our first fight. You can’t call Bika a real champion. I beat him the first time; this time it’s going to be worse. There’s going to be a new champion on Saturday. It’s going to be a helluva fight, but I’m going to burn him.

“I already won my toughest fight when I beat cancer. A big part of my motivation on Saturday is knowing that Danny Jacobs [a fellow cancer survivor who captured the WBA middleweight title last Saturday on SHOWTIME] will be calling the fights from ringside for SHOWTIME.”

Sakio Bika – Anthony Dirrell Showtime Quotes

SAKIO BIKA, WBC Super Middleweight Champion

“Training has been going great; we did everything that we were supposed to do. The weather was very good, the sparing was good, no complaints.

“Nothing has really changed going into this training camp from the last camp, except that I pushed myself very hard. I didn’t put on and take off any weight, I just work very hard in the gym.

“The first fight with Dirrell, I started off a little too slow. For this fight I will try to show that I am the boss in the right from the beginning, and make him scared. I want to attack him relentlessly and prove to him that he doesn’t belong in the ring with me.

“I definitely feel that I won the first fight and everyone saw that. The body shot that he got on me was a low blow, it was a lucky punch. I kept on hitting him so hard and he couldn’t handle the pressure I was putting on him. I know that I won that fight.

“If I am the victor in this fight, I won’t call any names on who I want to fight next. Every time that I call on a fighter, everyone gets too scared and doesn’t want to fight. I need to sit down with my management and see if I need to move up a weight class and fight a big challenger maybe in the light heavyweight division because I feel that I am capable.

“My biggest strength against Dirrell is that I am much stronger than him and I can handle all the pressure that is thrown my way. I am very strong and will pressure him constantly.”

ANTHONY DIRRELL, Undefeated Super Middleweight Contender

“I’m here to officially take what’s rightfully mine. Bika knows I won our last fight. It’s good we got to go straight to a rematch with no fights in between.

“I expect to see nothing new or different from Bika – Bika is Bika. In the ring, he is who he is. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

“I thought I fought a good fight the first time, but I can do even better. I can box better and I can stick to the game plan better. He can’t touch me when I box. In fact, he can’t touch me no matter how I fight him.

“That’s good that Daniel Jacobs (recently crowned WBA middleweight champion) is calling the fights for SHOWTIME. He’s a cancer survivor like me. Between us, we want to continue to inspire others all over the world.”