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BC Boxing: Learn To Fight Without Fighting, Opens In Brockport, PA

Last week boxing emerged onto the scene of Brockport, PA, as BC Boxing opened up to the community. Founded by certified boxing coach Chris Cella, BC Boxing offers one-on-one training to kids and adults of all ages and skill levels, including programs of boxing skill, boxing fitness and strength and conditioning.

“I’ve had the opportunity to train with some of the best trainers and fighters in the game, and I have been given a wealth of information over the years,” said Cella. “There are no boxing gyms close to the surrounding Brockport area, so I wanted to open up BC to give the community a chance to see and experience the art and science that is boxing.”

So many people hear the term boxing and think about Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson going to war inside the squared circle, but few actually realize what it takes to get to that point. Boxing training incorporates speed, cardio, strength and conditioning and mental focus all within one workout. It is so much more than simply punching a heavy bag.

“Depending on a client’s individual goals—whether they want to train to compete at the amateur level, or simply to get into the best shape of their lives, BC Boxing will help them garner their desired results,” Cella continued. “It is by far the most effective workout out there. Nowadays people want to get motivated to work out, and the traditional ‘cookie cutter’ workout programs aren’t doing it for them. In an hour of boxing you can lose over 1,000 calories, while having fun and feeling a tremendous sense of gratification. As for kids, it teaches discipline and structure, and instills within them a strong sense of self-worth.”

BC Boxing is committed to providing the community with a one stop shop for all of their fitness needs and helping them to excel at the craft of boxing.

“Currently we are offering a FREE 30-minute training session so that interested parties can get a feel for what the workout is like, and of course to ensure that it is something they want to pursue. I am confident that after their first workout they will be hooked!”

For more information on BC Boxing email [email protected] or visit them on Facebook at

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