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Anthony “Lights Out” Smith and Jeff Mayweather Ready To Shine

Arriving in Las Vegas during Floyd Mayweather/Robert Guerrero fight week was an eye opening experience for Anthony “Lights Out” Smith who moved from Fresno, CA to train with Jeff Mayweather, before his pro debut on May 25. “I met Jeff the Sunday I got here, then Monday we were in the gym.,” Anthony said, “Because of Floyd’s fight with Guerrero, it was hectic, hot, overly packed, every day, with over a hundred people.” Part of that crowd was Mayweather family, who Anthony described as friendly, warm and welcoming. But Jeff and Roger welcomed Anthony to the gym in their own way- with hard work.

“Jeff is calm, and soft spoken, and I feel really confident with him. Roger works really hard and fast and pushes you and will yell at you,” Anthony said. “ But working with both of them is great.”

In the days following Floyd’s victory over Guerrero, the press and onlookers emptied out of Mayweather Boxing Club and the gym resumed its daily routine. Jeff Mayweather, intent on guiding Anthony toward his first professional bout, is pleased with their progress. “Anthony is an extremely hard puncher, has lots of heart, and a good work ethic,” Jeff said. “ Most of all he is thirsty for knowledge, and works hard,” he said. “This is the right environment for Anthony. Everyone here pushes each other.”

The contrast between Las Vegas during Mayweather fight week and after the fight are dramatically different, but no less exciting for Anthony. “It was crazy before the fight with people everywhere. Seeing and meeting fighters like Bernard Hopkins and Miguel Cotto- boxing heroes, it was good. But to be here, working with Jeff, pursuing what has been my passion, that’s why I’m here,” Anthony said. “To work hard, and when it’s time, be the fighter people are coming to see.”

Anthony Smith meets Benito Salazar Saturday, May 25 at the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA on a card promoted by All Star Boxing, in a pro debut bout scheduled for four rounds. Fans can also follow Anthony on Twitter, @Ant_LightsOut

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