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Annie Mazerolle Ready for Next Step

Moncton, New Brunswick (June 26, 2013) – Annie Mazerolle (2-0-0, 1KO) of St.Louis de Kent, New Brunswick, is now face-to-face with the realities of the women’s light middleweight division. After scoring two wins over Monique Duval to start her career, opportunities have become scarce for the Maritime power puncher. Nonetheless, Mazerolle is confident that she can make a splash on the world stage.

“It will come. As I fight and win, more opportunities will open up,” explained Mazerolle. “There are a few women out there that are active in North America. Marva Dash of Connecticut and Akima Stocks of Newark, for example. I think I can beat them both. I’m ready when they are!”

A Canadian amateur champion, Mazerolle believes she can challenge the best in the world, if only given the opportunities to do so. “I’ve conquered Canada as an amateur. My ultimate goal is to become a great professional champion like Anne Sophie Mathis and Oxandia Castillo. Obviously I’m not ready for fighters of that caliber yet, but one day I will be. I can’t wait to fight again!”

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