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Andrew Robinson reckons boxing saved him from a bullet

Robinson is carving out a successful ring career after quitting the Birmingham gang wars that almost claimed his life.
He aims to stay on course for a shot at super-middleweight honours with a ninth straight win in Wolverhampton on Sunday December 1 – but admits he’s lucky to be alive.

“I was a bad boy, a horrible person with a lot of anger,” said the 29 year-old, now based in Redditch.

“I was living a life of crime, robbing people and doing things I would never dream of doing today.

“I never went to prison because I was smart, conniving, but I’m not proud of it.

“I come from a good family, but hung around with a bad crowd and probably should be dead. I’ve had a gun pulled on me twice.

“Boxing has changed me. I’m a religious family man now.”

Robinson found a better way when he found his way to Lions Amateur Boxing Club.

He made his ring debut aged 22, and won 20 of his 25 bouts before deciding to ditch the head guard and vest after a points loss in the semi finals of the ABA Novice championships.

“I leathered him and lost by a point,” he said. “That result still bothers me now, but it has made me strong.”

As a professional, Robinson is improving with every fight and says his points win over Bulwell hairdresser Gilson De Jesus in June was a big boost to his confidence.

“I learned a lot about myself in that fight,” he said. “All boxers have questions about themselves and I ticked a box in that fight. I showed how resilient I can be.”

Robinson says his main attributes are “a granite chin and my power.”

He’s not lacking toughness, fitness or aggression either.

His amateur coaches nicknamed him ‘D’Animal’ and it’s stuck. “I’ve always had the fight in me,” he said, “and I used to try to just steamroller everyone.

“But now I’m learning the science of boxing.”

Robinson is full of praise for trainers Shaun Cooper, Lindon Scarlett and Razza Campbell – all former pros – and although his long-range skills are improving, he is at his best when he has his head on his opponent’s chest.

His crowd-pleasing style is helping Robinson build a good following from both Birmingham and Redditch and says there are “exciting fights out there for me.”

But he added: “I’m not going to make predictions because things have fallen apart for me before.

“I just want to keep learning and improving.”

Tickets for the show are available from 07827-745555.

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