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Amira Hamzaoui Slams The WBC & Raja Amasheh

The World Boxing Federation today received the following letter from WBF Womens World Flyweight Champion Amira Hamzaoui, in which she comments for the first time on the recent publications and controversy surrounding her title winning fight against Raja Amasheh, which was also sanctioned by the World Boxing Council for their “silver” title.

Hamzaoui requested the WBF to have her letter publicized. The WBF’s Executive Board will soon issue an official response to the news currently making the rounds on the internet.

“My name is Amira Hamzaoui and I am a French boxer. I have been taught all my life to fight hard and to fight fair, and to always give my best. I have been taught that life is about truth, honesty and dignity. When I had the opportunity to fight for the WBC Silver and WBF world titles on October 10 against Raja Amasheh, I was honored and privileged. The fight was tough and close and could have gone either way. This time it went my way and on the greatest night of my life, I won a world title.

“Thanks to the World Boxing Council and Raja Amasheh and her team, however, there will always be a shadow now over what should be one of my forever best memories. That is because I was informed yesterday by the WBC that my victory has been stolen away from me more than a month after the fight!

“After a huge media campaign in Germany by Team Amasheh, during which I have kept quiet, it is now time to speak the truth.

“Nobody from the WBC or Team Amasheh ever gave any credit to me, rather it was only suggested I won because of “irregularities” of the judges. Immediately after the fight, the WBC supervisor had meetings with Team Amasheh to find a way to change the result. I was absolutely devastated, sad and angry when I heard now that the WBC has changed the result because of Raja’s objection.

“The day before, we had the Rules Meeting and both the WBF and WBC supervisors were present and everything went well. There were no objections on the part of the WBC against the appointed officials, in fact, they were known weeks in advance from both organizations, who agreed to share the officials in this unification bout.

“How can the WBC now say that two of the judges were not licensed by the WBC after the WBC supervisor personally accepted the WBF judges and had no complains at the Rules Meeting? Why did he not do something before the fight? This is not fair and is an injustice. But seemingly, it is the only way out they could find for Raja! Only now that Raja complained has this come up about the judges. Is it because the WBC is close to Raja that this is happening? Why does the WBC not respect the decision of the judges that they agreed to have judging the fight? I will tell you why: Because the WBC had agreed beforehand that I cannot win. How else could the WBC judge give me just two rounds in such a close fight?

“This is not right and the WBC has made what probably ranks as one of the worst calls in their history. We should respect the judges’ scores because they were accepted by both the WBF and the WBC. I would have accepted the decision even if I had lost. All I can say is that the WBC are unfairly favoring Raja. They are now suddenly complaining about the judges, but they didn’t before the fight. This stinks of prejudice against me. I am very, very disappointed with the WBC’s decision to make this fight a No Contest. It is ridiculous and pathetic. Does the WBC do this with all their favorite fighters?

“I will not give a rematch ever to a person who does not give me the respect I deserve for putting my life on the line in the boxing ring. Learn to lose with dignity, Raja!

“I will not compete ever again for a World Boxing Council-sanctioned title, which don’t shy away from cheating a boxer who put his life on the line to win their title if the result is against their predetermination. Learn to respect the great sport of boxing and the boxers, Mr. Sulaiman.

“Thank you both, Raja and Mr. Sulaiman, for marring forever what should be my career’s best night. I hope you are happy having destroyed my dreams. Hang your heads in shame and keep on cheating.

Amira Hamzaoui
WBF Womens World Flyweight Champion &
FORMER WBC Silver Champion (because the WBC did not want me as champion)

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