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Amateur Boxing Association of England to become England Boxing

Name change follows the acceptance of new Articles of Association to ensure boxing in England is compliant with international statutes

FOLLOWING the acceptance of new Articles of Association at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 24 November 2013, the Amateur Boxing Association of England will become known as England Boxing from 1 January 2014.

The change reflects AIBA statutes and bylaws which do not use the term ‘amateur’ to describe boxing and instead recognize three variants of the sport: AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) which is Olympic style boxing, World Series Boxing (WSB) and AIBA Professional Boxing (APB).

The change of name is part of a package of measures contained within the new Articles of Association to ensure boxing in England is compliant with the rules and bylaws of international boxing.

England Boxing has been registered with Companies House and the organization is in the process of developing a new logo and will migrate towards the new identity over the next four weeks. A new website will be developed and members will be given a chance to express their views on potential new logos.

The Board of England Boxing said: “After a period of significant change, the new name signifies an opportunity to look to the future and shape the governing body into an organization that truly represents the sport and the people involved in it at all levels in England.

“We will be communicating with members on the new logo and want to ensure that people at the grassroots feel connected to the organization and that the governing body is working for them. There will also be further updates on the renaming of key competitions, such as the national championships. There is a strong desire for the ‘lion’ logo to return and this is being worked on.

“We recognize that there will remain a great deal of affection for the ABA and we have retained the legal registration of the name and will look to consider how it could be deployed in some future capacity within the context of England Boxing.”

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