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ABAE Statement on the findings of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission

Following the recent findings of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission, the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) has published a statement to publicly acknowledge the decision and confirm its commitment to ensuring its Articles of Association are updated to ensure compliance with AIBA Statutes.

The ABAE said: “The ABAE acknowledges the decision of the AIBA Disciplinary Commission that it failed to comply with AIBA statutes, bylaws and technical rules insofar as certain WSB and related governance matters are concerned. The ABAE recognises that the AIBA Disciplinary Commission’s decision is final and must be respected.

“The ABAE confirms that, as it indicated to the AIBA Disciplinary Commission during the proceedings, it will and always has intended to adopt all amendments to its Articles of Association as are necessary to ensure compliance with AIBA’s mandates regarding WSB and APB boxing. Further, the ABAE also repeats its commitment to follow and adhere to AIBA standards and to support all forms of AIBA boxing, including AIBA Open Boxing, AIBA Professional Boxing and World Series Boxing.”

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