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Video: Adrien Broner Flushed Money Down The Toilet

Is it just me, or is Adrien Broner swiftly descending into the career abyss. If you have not yet seen the following video, please take a look and witness Adrien Broner using the restroom and then “wiping” and flushing money down the toilet.

Of course flushing money down the toilet makes more sense than donating it or using it to help others who actually need it to survive, at least to Broner it does. It is pretty pathetic how he is trying to not only mimic Mayweather Jr. but to do crazier and more absurd things in order to grab attention and portray himself as a very rich cocky champion.

After his lackluster performance against Paulie, the last thing Broner should be doing is trying to create hype and become the character that he will be unable to sustain.

His job right now should be focusing on getting a formidable opponent and putting on an impressive performance, because thus far, he doesn’t impress me along with many other boxing fans who can tell that he is not the talent and hope that was earlier thought.

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